The Fable of the Anti-Dragonist Thought Leadership

A riposte by Zarkonnen to Nick Bostrom’s The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant, a tedious story that spends 5000 words telling us that death from ageing is bad and we should try to prevent it:

One day, an anti-dragonist on a speaking tour visited a town. When he arrived, most of the town’s inns were already full, and he had to make do with a small room in a small in in a run-down part of the town. The next morning, he stood outside the inn on his soap box and told people about how the dragon could be defeated. A small crowd gathered around him. When he had finished speaking, a woman asked: “My children are hungry. My husband went off to war against the tigers and never came back. How does killing the dragon help them?”

“Well, they too will one day be fed to the dragon!”

“But they are hungry now. My baby is very weak. She cries all the time. Even if she doesn’t die, she’s going to grow up stunted.”

“I’m sure you can find a way. Anyway, I’m here to talk about the dragon, it’s…”

Another interrupted him: “My son was killed by the king’s men three weeks ago. They laughed as they cut him down. No one will hear my case.”

“Well, I’m sure they had a good reason. Your son was probably a criminal.”

Another said: “My family beats me because I don’t want to marry the man they chose for me. Right now, I wouldn’t mind being eaten.”

“Listen. I’m not interested in the problems of you little people. They’re not my problems, and anyway, you’re probably lying, or exaggerating, or just not trying hard enough. But I’m scared of the dragon, because the dragon’s going to eat everyone, including me. So we should concentrate on that, don’t you agree?”

And the people rolled their eyes and walked away.

One Reply to “The Fable of the Anti-Dragonist Thought Leadership”

  1. Well put. And anyway, wouldn’t there be hundreds and hundreds of dragons, all with different strengths and weaknesses?

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