Disneyworld Day 8: Animal Kingdom

  • Our final half-day at Disneyworld! It’s been emotional. There was just one more ride we really wanted to see, which was…
  • Navi River Journey at Animal Kingdom; yesterday, we’d improbably bagged a Fastpass for the morning. It’s a high tech slow ride, very different from Frozen Ever After in that it has no story and has few animatronics. Instead, it uses projectors on see-through surfaces to create the impression of depth, as you can see real leaves and trees and such both in front and behind the projected image. It was good enough to fool me for about ten seconds, which is impressive. Some of the projections worked better than others; I particularly liked these giant leaves suspended from the ceiling, shaking in sync with projected images of creatures scampering on top.

Rafiki’s Planet Watch was not the utter wasteland that the internet would have you believe. Instead it’s a pleasant diversion from the crowds in the park, and quite educational to boot. It shouldn’t be at the top of anyone’s list for Animal Kingdom, but it’s worth it if you have a spare hour and need to relax. Also, it has bizarre soundbooths where you can listen to the rainforest with headphones.

  • Kilimanjaro Safaris, this time with elephants! While the internet will tell you that early morning or dusk is the best time, we went at noon and felt that it was just as interesting as our previous dusk trip.

  • Flame Tree Barbecue had lots of and lots of meat.
  • Expedition Everest again. People love this ride, and for good reason; we’ve overheard a lot of people (OK, guys) saying they rode it five or six times in a row.
  • …And that’s it! Four parks, one space center, and one water park in just under seven days. Not bad. More processed thoughts coming later.

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