You Have A Lucky Face

I’d been walking back from a meeting in town when it suddenly began raining. I’m the type of person who packs an umbrella even at the slightest possibility of rain – in fact, at school my friends found it amusing how I always seemed to have an umbrella even in the middle of summer.

Lately though, I’d begun relying on a new weather app that provided very reliable hour-by-hour rain predictions to figure out what to wear in the morning – a sort of just-in-time clothing process – and today it told me the probability of rain was very low, hence no umbrella. And so here I was, sheltering underneath an awning waiting for the pedestrian lights to turn green, speaking to a guy who’d just been standing there.

I hadn’t noticed him at first; I was listening to a podcast of This American Life, the one about Father’s Day, and it took a while for me to realise he was actually trying to speak to me. The man was smartly dressed, wearing a dark suit jacket over an open-necked white shirt. He didn’t look like a weirdo, but you never know. I took one earbud out and turned towards him.

“You have a lucky face,” he said.

I laughed. “Thanks,” I said, thinking that he was just in a cheerful mood.

“You have a very lucky face,” he continued. “I can tell from your eyes and your mouth.”

“Hmm,” I said.

“But you look worried, you are frowning here,” he said, gesturing above my nose. “You should know that you will have good luck in the next three months, you will work hard but you will get what you are looking for.”

Ah, I thought, a fortune-teller. I glanced up at the lights; they were still red, and the rain was still coming down.

“Do you want to know why I think this? Let me tell you.” He slipped a red wallet made from leather out of his jacket and pulled out a few small bits of paper and a pen. He scribbed a few words on a scrap of paper, then crumpled it up into a little ball and gave it to me. “Don’t open it yet,” he said.

I took the paper and stuck it in my pocket.

“Okay, now pick a number from 1 to 9.”

Before I went to university, I thought I was interested in genetics and molecular biology. After precisely one lecture, I realised exactly how wrong I was and became determined to switch to something more stimulating, and I eventually found myself taking experimental psychology and neuroscience lectures. Many of them were highly reductionist or focusing on development or pathology, but some were at the cognitive level, and from them and from various textbooks I knew all about how humans reason and how poor we are at understanding logic and probability and causation.

They didn’t teach us specifically about magic, but it was clear that our limited capacity for attention and our ease of being misdirected was really the key to successful magicians. I once saw David Blaine perform a bit of magic at a TED conference. I was standing about one metre away from him when he did a fairly standard card trick on a guy he was close enough to touch, and then at the end gave the guy his watch back. We were all duly impressed; we had all been watching his hands intently, wanting to be the one person who was smart enough to see the trick, to figure out the ending. But he was too good.

“3,” I said, shrugging. He noted it down on a new piece of paper.

“Your favourite colour?”

The lights had turned green. This was the perfect opportunity to escape, but I wanted to see where this was going.

“Blue.” Why not?

“Your age?”

“Uh… 28.”

“How many brothers and sisters?”


“Brother or sister?”

“Brother.” He wrote down ‘B – 1’ at the bottom of his list.

“Okay.” He looked up. “And what do you want most? Good health, good life, good fortune, good love, good family?”

I laughed. What an absurd question. “All of them,” I said.

For the first time, he laughed as well. “You have to pick one.”

“Okay then… good family.” He wrote down ‘G – F’.

He asked me for his bit of paper he’d given me at the start. I pulled it out of my pocket and handed it over, and he waved it in front of his face at precise points, and gave it back to me. “Don’t open it,” he said again. Then he began talking about how the numbers all added up and how if you combined this and that, I would figure out my fortune.

I was starting to finally get worried. I figured that he’d be asking for money shortly, and things had gone on for long enough that it was already going to be embarrassing when I left. With the lights back to green again, I backed away and said that I had to go now.

“No no no no no, we haven’t finished yet!”

“Sorry,” I said lamely.

“But you haven’t opened the paper!” he protested.

“Sorry,” I repeated behind me.

Befitting my status as a former scientist and being an avid reader of all the science blogs and such, I’m intensely suspicious of superstition. I have no problem with black cats. I deliberately walk underneath ladders. I’m sure I’ve broken at least two mirrors. But walking away from this guy, I couldn’t help but think I’d somehow cursed myself by not letting him finish his shtick; it was surely a rude thing to do, no matter how (eventually) annoying he had become.

Of course, I opened the paper. Written on it was:

0 – 28
B -1
G -F

For about three seconds, I froze.

Firstly, I thought: Wow, could it be true? Did this guy actually figure this out? Have I been completely wrong about all of this my entire life?

Secondly: Obviously not. But what are the chances of him guessing? Still pretty high – certainly not high enough to get a decent hit rate.

Thirdly: Wait a second… he must have done a classic switcheroo while I wasn’t looking! This must be the same bit of paper he’d been writing my answers on, and when he was waving it around, he’d swapped them over.

Aha. I felt proud of myself at this piece of Sherlockian deduction, then slightly sad. It was a tremendously engrossing piece of street magic; certainly not that technically impressive, but no doubt more than good enough to fool the average passerby. I wondered how much money he made by doing this. I wondered what he would have told me next.

And I wondered whether this was his life, giving other people a glimpse ahead into their lives. Giving them a certainty, proven with written evidence and without any caveats or probabilities or qualifications, that things were going to get better. I looked down at the piece of paper again, thought about whether to throw it away or not, and kept on walking.

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  1. This hapened in Vienna, Austria on 03.10.2015, old Indian man with turban and beard, broun outfit and broun wallet , he calle behind me:
    – Sir, sir
    I turned to him and he said:
    – You are very lucky man
    I said
    – May be
    and I walked away

  2. Same thing happened to me off Regent street (Burlington Gardens). Indian Sikh guy with a turban stopped me and said your luck starts in Nov/Dec. Then he wrote something on a piece of paper and gave me in my left hand and asked me to give him a number and colour (3-Blue). What happens? The number and colour appear in that piece of paper he asked me to hold in my left palm… and etc etc. In the end he asked me to put some “paper money” in his black leather book as I only had some coins.

    Don’t think it was all true although it did startle me at first!

  3. Same happened to me today just 15 mins ago. I was walking pass Loblaws at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, an Indian Sikh guy with a turban stopped me, he asked for my mothers name, where she lives and where my father lives, also asked for a color, favourite flower, a number from 1-10, he also told me something lucky will happen to me on December 27, 2015. I knew that in the end he’s gonna ask for some money but i offered to give him food coz i did not wanna give money to strangers coz they might do bad things with it. He was asking for $40 if i was poor, $60 is i was average and $80 if i was rich, but i said i was a student and i honestly do not have that much money to give away, so he said $20 but i still refused and he did not want the food i offered him so he walked away and took the stone and the paper back. He said he would use the money to buy candles to pray for me, praying does not come with a cost! he was using religion to take money from people while some people work hard to earn a living, unbelievable! I was kinda scared after coz he took personal information from me!

  4. I can’t believe this, I have been reading everyone’s comments since I came back from lunch at work!!
    This same thing happened to me! I am now £30 short!! I felt that he may curse me if I didn’t, he knew I had the money also!

    I felt very strange after leaving the indian man with the turban, and even now I’m not too sure how I feel! It is freaking me out a bit as he put the money and the little pieces of paper in his little book thing!

    I am worried that he might put some sort of curse or some weird thing on me as he has my name and a bit of my handwriting!

    I’m scared I also was given a little something I’m scared of that too!!

    I’m just scared and feel weird about the whole situation.

    This happened just off Oxford Street this afternoon : (

  5. 14th Oct 2015

    Happened to me today, Bank , London!!

    On each piece of paper he had 6 answers, combos of name, colour, numbers codes etc all 6 were 100% right each time
    He described my lIfe to a tee, 100% accurate while I stood there, what is happening to my home requirements what has happened to my career , names and times of things happened to me in the past, knew what I wanted, and why, I I tried never to even give away body language , described my Whole life 100% family members and numbers who is here and who isn’t now !! I could go on, really freaked me out !

  6. 22 Oct 2015

    I had this happen to me years ago off of Tottentham Court Road, London 2007-2008.
    Exactly the same thing happened to me as the posts submitted above with the numbers, the bit of paper and I gave the chap £10 – something I would never do. And when he walked away I felt a deep feeling of anxiety that I didn’t give him enough. He called himself Mr Yoga.

    I’ve lived in London my whole life and I would never ever get my wallet out in the middle of the street and give someone money. To change my mind so suddenly and the anxiety I had afterwards felt very strange.

    This sounds crazy but I believe now that he used a mild form of hypnosis. Along Tottenham Court Road is a series of trees (the bit going towards the Odeon cinema from the tube).
    It was a bright day and I remember the light shinging through the leaves of the trees hitting my face/forehead. I believe he used the light that hit my face as a means to hypnotise me and to play his mind trick.

  7. Zurich, Switzerland. 28th of October 2015. Indian Fortune Teller’s Name: “Lucky”.

    First phrase: “you have a lucky face”. He was smallish, spoke in a heavy Indian accent, very low and incredibly fast, and wore an ornamental necklace with a large black stone on it.

    Unsurprisingly, the little man and his open greeting intrigued me and I was inclined to hear what he meant by it.

    The “con” was performed very similarly to what others have described. He said some complementary stuff such as that I was a happy person, I was healthy but also that I though too much while he was pointing at my eyes. This baffled me because I had some problems with my eyes very recently in connection with stress and anxiety.

    So, naturally, I was interested enough to keep listening. Then he started his spiel with writing stuff down – honestly it didn’t really make a lot of sense. He kinda lost me when he told me that two men loved me (I am married and have literally no contact to other men), I was only 60% happy (even though he told me earlier that I was a happy person), and that I’m not getting enough sleep (which is simply not true since I pride myself on sleeping 8+ hours every night). The pinnacle of it was when he went on to guess my color and he got it wrong! When he asked for my favorite color I told him maroon. He then said “no mixed color”, so I said red but on the paper he had written blue. So he just asked me again “another color” after which I said blue.

    He then asked for money and gave him 10CHF, which I had already anticipated. What bothered me is how he then pursued me asking for increasingly more until I ended up giving him all my “paper” money, just to finally get rid of him. Ultimately, he made about 20 CHF off me.

    The way I see it, the “con” is actually of a psychological trap in three parts. First, the guy (never a women, right?) gets your attention by saying something flattering always starting with “you have a lucky face” followed by statements such as “you are a hard worker”, “you’re not appreciated enough”, “you help others but others don’t help you”. In this way, it is not unlike a horoscope – telling you something so general that it has to apply to you in some way. It’s like saying “you have been hurt before” because literally all of us have.

    The second part is the “magic/illusion”. This is really nothing but clever guessing assisted by math and statistics. When he asks for a color, which can’t be mixed, he’s basically asking for either red, blue, or yellow – the primary colors. Statistically speaking, most people pick blue. This is why he wrote blue on my paper was thrown when I said red. The favorite number trick works similarly.

    In the final part, he starts begging/asking for money. At this point, psychologically speaking, you owe him something since he’s given you something meaningful – a truth, an insight into your very soul, entertainment – and he’s basically asking for recompense for a favor he’s done for you and you alone. So it’s up to you to pay him in that very instance.

    I half feel conned but another side of me admires the fortune-tellers for their insight into human psychology and their guts. In retrospect, all I can say is that I think I shouldn’t have given him so much money. Ah well – lesson learnt.

  8. Melbourne – Australia
    Elderly “Indian” man (Approx. 60+), dark skin, scruffy facial hair going grey near the ears. Crooked teeth.

    I was working at my shop as he come in. “You have a lucky face, I see it”, he told me as he made his way to the reception desk. He introduced himself as a Yoghi, a fortune teller, and guessed that I’m from China. I’m Thai, to which he was able to say a few Thai words to me in the right context. The words I remember are:
    “Man” “Woman” “Wealthy person” “lucky”, and others along that ilk.
    He started his spiel and guessed a few things about me (which most I never thought of). He then proceed to tell me my fortune (which I’ll keep to myself). He gave me a ball of paper in the beginning, and also a charm made from a tree seed. He let me choose a number (3, by the way), and when I open the crumpled ball up (which was with me the whole time), lo and behold, it was 3.
    Of course I had been anticipating him to ask for money, and he asked for hundreds AUD, repeatedly as I was thinking and digesting the encounter. I decided to give him twenty, but he politely insisted at least 50. I started bargaining, and take it down to 25, at which he asked for my age (which is 30), and asked if I’m willing to give that amount. I agreed, saying “then we’ve come to a bargain”, and gave him the money. The whole time while giving him money, I keep saying “I’ll help you out”. He repeated the fortunes he gave me, then left.

    Reflection: I’m mostly a realist who think that there might be unknowns in the world that I don’t understand. Hence when something like this occur, I play along in a way, my brain in incredulous mode despite anything that he guessed right or all the good fortune he told me, and when I give money it is usually in the spirit of charity (“I’m not sure if you’re scamming me, but I’m giving you to help YOU”) and leave it.
    As to reading the Yoghi. He had a polite and friendly demeanour. An air of mysticism follow as he uttered the first sentence to me. There was a glint of…..darkness?…as I refused to pay so much and settled on a smaller donation. I did not feel any guilt nor fear of a curse after the encounter.
    I of course search up on the internet immediately. I noticed the words he know in Thai are very fortune-teller-esque words. He seem to play on the law of average for the number guessing (I noticed a surprising amount of people picking 3), despite not touching the paper after he gave it to me. Ofcourse, he did failed to guess a few things about me, like my nationality. I’m thinking it’s most likely a scam (the words con artist was in my head the whole time talking to him), but I decided to keep the tree seed and heed his advices he had given me anyway. It’s the first time I’ve been given fortune telling advice (conned?) this way before, so at least it was amusing to me.
    The ultimate test would have been if he asked for my favourite flower and it was written in the ball he gave me as he entered the shop, because it’s one nobody knows!

  9. Still happening till today – November 2015 in Singapore! Raffles place.

    The whole lucky face, piece of paper, favorite color, name a flower spiel. He said I had bad luck this year and last year even though I worked hard. Oh the lazy mind thing came up too, which I saw from a previous post is quite a common one. This time he asked me for extremely personal information which we should all NEVER divulge like time of birth and grandfather’s name. He blew into the piece of paper and shook my hand.

    Of course there was the mandatory please donate to the poor children.

  10. I was approached by a man in Texas similar to what you guys are speaking of. He didn’t say anything inaccurate, and swore me to secrecy of the details of our conversation. If he’s scamming, he’s good. He told my wife things and me that were accurate. I gave him a foolish sum of cash, but hey, it was either him or the Golden Nugget, and I didn’t feel good after leaving there last week. He at least made me feel hopeful of better things.

  11. 8th August 2015

    I too had experienced this yogi guy near Anson Road Singapore. He did not ask me for colour, flower etc. He initially gave me a chit with the usual sibling details etc which he got right. Later he did get some very very specific information on the chit right. For e.g. my mothers illness, my aunts name, The name of the girl I liked which is a very very uncomman name. But his predictions havent come true so far. Lets see. Also my handwriting is very very different. The chits had different handwritings. Cant undertand how he did it?

    Has any of you got their predictions right?

  12. I met a guy like this too but I wanted you share that even whatever he told me its coming true Sam e as he told me a year ago.
    My wish to see him again in life

  13. Well, a follow-up to this (from June) and a message for Deep, because it may be the same guy we saw in NY. Everything he said in June has come out true—regarding a talk with a certain person that was to happen, my meditation, things about the kids, my personal life. The only thing he did not get right was something I pushed him to,which he was struggling to answer and I think he only gave me the answer I wanted. SO, I don’t know who he is but I hope to see him again on the streets. I know if it is supposed to happen, it will :)))

  14. This guy in the turban approached me in Hampstead yesterday. I am usually quite wary but this scam is obviously well thought out as he has a gentle approach and plays into our egos/vanity/vulnerability, whatever you wish to call it…. He told me I had a lucky face and somehow managed to sit down at my table without me knowing how. He was quite charming. I feel foolish that I initially fell for his scrunched up bits of paper act which contained info I had given him (favourite flower, no of siblings etc), until I realised afterwards he had been writing this info with one hand under the table as he distracted me writing on the table with his other hand so that it appeared that he ‘magically’ knew things about me. He bombarded me with questions and info to distract me, A classic magic trick. or scam trick in this case. I’m unsettled as to how he managed to make me open up. A lot of this is undoubtedly down to my insistence on being polite and being afraid of telling him I was uncomfortable and I wanted him to go away. When he asked me what my biggest sadness was, I told him it was that my child has a disability, he then told me my boy was cursed and he could make him better. I don’t know why I did not throw my coffee in his face at this point or at least walk away. These scam artists obviously know something about human psychology and how to get the better of us. Of course I knew at this point this guy was crazy, I was honestly outraged, but also slightly scared as he was so slimy. I was also embarrassed that I’d let it go so far. He told me to donate £300 to orphans which I told him I didn’t have, he told me to go to the cash point and he’d wait for me. I took the opportunity to leave. He then followed me for a while which I found a little scary. I was going to turn round and threaten to call the police if he continued following me, then he disappeared when a friend of mine appeared. An unnerving experience. These people get under your skin, I was entirely naive to allow myself to be my usual friendly self and open up to someone like this. I hate the fact that in future I will be more closed, but I’ll risk being impolite rather than scammed or worse…

  15. Thanks Sona and Chris for the updates.
    A local astrologer in India has made a similar prediction for me. No connection to the fortune teller. Lets see what happens. Will update in a few months

  16. Same thing happened to me today in Singapore near Boat Quay. All he wanted was $770 to undertake an 11 day prayer session on my behalf to avert a future accident. That was in addition to the on the spot donation he managed to extract from me.

  17. Omg the same thing happened to men’s few days ago at Westfield Stratford. I was in the entertainment children’s store when this Indian looking guy said to me you have a lucky face, same thing you have money and luck coming your way, a few comments he said was true and I found myself listening to him well trying to as I’m deaf and didn’t have my hearing aid in lol. All I got was a small piece of paper tha he asked me to place in my pocket and not read it yet. My partner come to find me and my partner being 6.4 kind of made the man say ok thank you bye. Once I got home I opened the paper and it said Rose 5 Notnsure why it was meant to mean as he didn’t ask me to say a number or a flower 😕

  18. Today around lunchtime I encountered another “You’ve got a lucky face” scam artist. This was near Ann Siang Hill in Singapore. I witnessed him approach 3 people with the same opening line. He carried an almost identical largish wallet to that carried by the previous scammer I met a few days before. Everyone he approached sensibly ignored him. Having been waylaid by another similar artist a few days ago I wonder if these people travel in groups.

  19. I had this happen to me 5-6 yrs ago in birmingham i was with a friend in a jamaican food place eating when a sikh guy walked in and he was asked to leave by staff members but my friend called him over and spent about 10 minutes talking when they finished i noticed my friend was in shock so i called the guy over and he sat down and said open your hand he wrote down something and pit it in my hand and said close your hand and then asked me my age my partners age how long we have been together and how many children i had i replied 27. 26. 8. 3 he said now open your hand and look at the paper at no point did he touch it i open it and there was he then says that proves im genuine he then pulled out a leather wallet and said put a gesture in the wallet i put £30 in he then told me lots of truths about myself all true he went on to say i would father and grandfather twins. And one of my sons would be a famous sports person and many other things that i cant remember anyway 2 years later my wife gave birth to twins and my son signed for aston villa academy and has been there for 5yrs and is doing very well so i find it hard to believe how a person can guess stuff like this

  20. Tanjong Pagar, Singapore.

    Mr. Singh, 1,65, plumb. Same, same same story.

    I also don’t know how he does it, I believe he changes the paper. As he tries to get unfocused attention all the time, with different tricks, the talking, the blowing thing, raise hands etc as magicians do to kids 😉
    As somebody said previously, why do they ask for the information.. as if they could really guess it, they wouldn’t need to ask for it previously.
    Also paid the learn, forty SGDs.. 😉

  21. I too at lunch time encountered this you’ve got a lucky face scam. It was at icon village, singapore and told me various personal details and did that number, flower thing. I was already skeptical in mind but had no choice to give a small donation to his poor children before i could get myself out of the situation. Well, keen to know how he did it as well..

  22. I have experienced this so called indian yogi in singapore recently.

    I was walking to my campus near Bras Basah. And this Indian guy (with turban) said good morning to me. As a good gesture, i replied him. He then said “i can see you have good karma”. This is something new that i have not seen on all the post above. He didn’t ask me anything on favorite flower or number. He wrote something on a piece of paper and he crumpled it and passed it to me.He then asked me for my name and number of family members. And guessed what the total number of my family is what he wrote on the paper that he passed to me.

    He also told me not to cut nails on tuesday and shave on saturday. At this point, i have the feeling of where he’s going with this. Sure enough, he pulls out a reddish brown wallet with some yogi pictures inside. And he asked me to make 3 donation (for god, and parents). I hesitantly pulls out $15 and gave it to him. He passed me a bead which my friend told me is called “rudraksha” which normally used for prayers in hinduism. And he told me to put it at home for good luck.

    After reading all the posts, i feel that the one i experience had a similar modus operandi. I kinda partially believed him but now i guessed it’s a scam afterall.

  23. This just happened to me on Cross Street in Singapore. I too got the piece of paper with all my answers on it. He then asked for $400 to help some kids in India…

  24. Oh, I wish I read it earlier. Bangkok, Khaosan Road, 1000 baht and all “classical”: color, number, mother’s name after I told it to him….guy really finds naive victims from the crowd. Lesson learnt.

  25. Few months ago in November more exactly this guy approached me in Queensway and he told me that I ll have three happinesses in my life, three roses on my face. lol. I asked what kind of happiness and he told me “money coming to you” I asked when and he told me straight away “December”. It s weird becuase I ve been using the law of attraction tehnic to win the loterry in December and I was gobsmacked. Why didn t he said January or March? Why December? Anyhow, to my embarrassment I believed him and tought this is my confirmation that I will win the lottery in December just I have manifested every day for the last 3 months. When December finaly came, I bought loooots of tickets. Needless to say, I won a shit. So both fortune tellers and law of attraction bullshit it s a nonsense. Well, I guess hard work didn t kill anyone. Anyhow, if I ever see this charlatan again, I will yell at him and tell him to give me my £4 back. lol At least I wasn t dumb enough to give him more

  26. Hi everyone
    my post was

    Stilian // Oct 4, 2015 at 11:07 pm

    This hapened in Vienna, Austria on 03.10.2015, old Indian man with turban and beard, broun outfit and broun wallet , he calle behind me:
    – Sir, sir
    I turned to him and he said:
    – You are very lucky man
    I said
    – May be
    and I walked away

    I was looking around internet and my man was looking a lot like Yogi Bhajan

  27. It happened to me on the new year eve in Vienna. You have a lucky face. I am from India and told him. hindi that he is not going to get anything from. me.

  28. Today it happened to me at Macquarie St, Parramatta NSW Sydney Australia. This indian guy in turban said he is from Haridawar and asked me about my love life, health and desire in life..kept asking me if i have love in life as probably I did not have wedding ring on. He wrote something on paper, rolled it into a ball and gave me hold it and asked me for my favirote flower and 2 numbers..kept on asked what I desire in my life and whatever I want will get it..not to cut my nails on Tues and Thurs and not to cut my hair at all. eventually he asked me to open the paper ball and to my shock same flower name and number was on the paper..spooky!! and he said soon someone with S or M name will come into my life that will be lucky for me..any how then he said to pay him $101 and he will pray for me…anyhow I gave him only $10 and left as was getting late to work.

  29. A guy just approached me in a parking lot in Hermosa Beach. He used the “lucky face” line. He did say some generalized things about my life and I’m not going to lie, he was right. I gave him fifty cents because it’s all I had. He seemed stunned I couldn’t give more. I mean I had a roll quarters but I was saving it for laundry.

  30. I just had the same on Pitt street sydney.
    He asked for $50 and I said I only had my cards and a few coins. I gave him about $3 but he wanted me to go to a cash machine.
    I cleared off then!
    But he did get the number and colour correct on the paper and said I’d been unlucky last year. (I’ve had cancer but you’d never tell now I have hair extensions)
    He said there’s 1 person who loves me… this is true. But it’s not reciprocated.
    He said I was going to have luck in may… so I guess I’ll see then if he’s fake or not!

  31. Ok this just happened to me today at the Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton CA. He was a very well dress Indian guy. He said he traveled around the world helping people. He said I had a strong aura and proceeded to tell me interesting things about myself. He wrote something on apiece of paper and asked me to hold it. later on he asked me someone’s name, my birthday and my favorite flower. when he open the paper they were the same. he said he could help me but I needed to give him donation. $300 if poor, 500 if I’m established, 700+ if I’m rich. since he was traveling he needed the money now and we could go to an ATM. I thank him for the information that he had given him and I told him I had a meeting and had to go. so I left very quickly.

    I am happy that I found this website and I see that this scam has happen to many.

  32. please be aware this is hypnotic induction. it works
    by the fact of sizinf the victim to be preoccupied with thoughts as they walk down the street (cold reading the victim) approsch with smile, confidnce, , dressed well, and compliment unexpectadly (lucky face) and the induction happens somewhere after (i would guess they say gibberish and ask victim to look at their forehead or some other focal point) – i havnt figured as i was under. anyway they get the info and wrote in the paper and hand it to the victim to hold and the rest is about suggestion and confidence etc thing is i wanted to be tricked and learned how they do it but knowing the scam i dont do anythjng i dont want to do like hand over money. so he hypnotised me and kept asking for money and i refused and even say “no such thing as fortune telling” “i feel weired” “no you are not getting money “fuck you are good you hypnotised me”… next time i will observe the induction. so dear readers be mindful.

  33. I would love to read all the comments but there are so many. I feel my story is slightly different. Outside Plaza Singapura in Singapore, there was the “I can tell by your forehead that you are a good person” introduction from a plump Indian man with a pink shirt and a dent in the middle of his forehead between his eyebrows. He did the paper thing with me and then asked for money for children in the temple so I gave him some. He didn’t let me go, he asked me to sit down. I was widowed 25 years ago and have never found another partner. This Indian man said all my problems with relationships – or the lack of them – were because I had committed a SIN in a previous life. I was upset by this. He said I had been a Chinese lady and had aborted a baby. I was horrified. He said he would have to say 21 days of prayers for me. He listed 10 things he would need which would have to be new on each day. The cost would be S$70 per day, a total of S$1470. I started to cry, told him he was blackmailing me and I should call the police. I couldn’t stop crying so he said he would get me some water. I picked up my bags when he left and quickly walked away. I soon came to the Istana Palace and 2 armed police were outside. I did think about telling them but then I couldn’t think of what “crime” the man had committed. So I walked home. I told a number of friends. One was sure I had been hypnotised but I was sure I hadn’t. I was still thinking about my SIN till another friend pointed out that it would have been so long ago that abortions would not have been possible then. (I am quite old !) The Indian man said he was a Sikh but he had short hair and no turban. He mentioned God a lot. As with others who have left comments, he gave me 2 stones. One he said I should keep but one I was supposed to throw in a river. As I walked home, I threw them away into some bushes. I have met a number of people in my life who seemed to know all about me, especially right after my husband died – and these people really did. This is why I believed this man but I am so relieved to read through these comments and realise that it was all a con.

  34. Same thing happened to me in Oxford st this afternoon at 520 . It was raining so had umbrella up in one hand and shopping in the other . This man come up to me and said I have a lucky face and then he said think of a number and a colour . Which he ask for I said number 4 and colour black and then he ask me about my job and family names and so on . He gave me a piece of paper and he said blow on it which I did and then he ask me for note paper money not a coin . And I said no I gave him 22 pence . He could see in my wallet that I had lots of notes he said I was going to live to 97 and he said he could tell me more if I gave him a note . I have adhd an then I just flipped I said I don’t want to live to I am 97 . I tell you what just fuck off you conn man . And the other number I want to give you is 999 just keep phoning them and thay will help you . Some people can easily be fooled by these people and loose lots of money I must admit at first I thought he was genuine. I soon clicked on . Don’t trust anybody .

  35. I am gutted my emotions are so mixed up right now. Sometimes I feel ok about it other times I wake up crying in the morning. What have I done? I ask myself. I had never heard of the so called “lucky face scam” until I had parted with £71 and phoned a friend to tell them what I had just done. My friend was very angry with me and told me I’ve been conned and that I am stupid and vulnerable. Infact the money I had was the first in two years since I had been made redundant. Just imagine it was my first wages and it wasn’t very much I had just brought a Sofa from a charity shop and was feeling quite happy when I was approached by a so called Yogi Man in Brixton London. I believe in God as my protector and pride myself in not having time for fortune tellers. But this guy got me I think I got hypnotised which is something else that I have never believed in.
    Anyway this guy really went to town with me, he did the usual paper trick and yep he was spot on, then he told me that I had a good heart but had a problem with my anger and that people were doing alot of black magic on me, he said that he could get rid of the black magic off of me but that it would cost £5 or £10 for some unknown reason I ended up giving him £10 out of my purse because I did not have £5…….He kept on quoting God and he said that before I get angry with people again remember that God is in their hearts too and he said that might help me to change, I’m not going to lie I thought that it was amazing advice at the time even though I haven’t even got that much of an anger problem just normal really, I am far from being branded as an angry character. Anyway then he did another trick with some so called Holy water in a water bottle lid, he asked me to look into the water and tell me if I could see a man or women in the water. I told him I could see nothing so he said I must tap into my spiritual side, I tried but still could see nothing so he explained it was because of the witch craft that ws on me. He put to pieces of what looked like red wool in the water and said that I must choose one to give to him and put the other one in my right hand and close it up which I did. He then told me that if evil spirits were on me then the wool would change colour he then said that his would not change because he is protected so the color of his wool would not change. He asked who must open their hand first I said him so when he opened it his wool was still red. Now when I opened my palm the wool had turned to black dust (strangest emotion ever) how the hell did he do that???
    Thats not all he then gave me a long piece of black thread and said that I must break it into three pieces he kept asking me if I want good relationships, a home and successful business and if I believe in God I obviously said yes. He told me to roll up the thread in a ball and place it in my palm. This is the bit he then said if the thread becomes one piece I must give him £71 so that he can pray for me to remove the curses on me, but if its in two pieces I pay £40 and still in three pieces nothing. Yep you guessed it the thread was in one, how again did he do that, my fist was crushed up in a ball however he did put his hand over mine at one stage and started blowing and banging but surley I would of felt if he had swopped the thread in my palm???
    So I handed over another £61 heres the really odd bit for that few moments I was so impressed I asked him for his number incase I new anybody else who could benefit from his services he said his name and gave me a number. That was four days ago now.

    3hrs Later

    I have just tried the number thinking that I as going to write next that it was a false number………well though and behold he answered the phone and has actually reassured me that he took the money to do prayers for me. He said £10 for himself and the other £61 for the items he needs to do the prayers.
    Once again I have been charmed by this man so much that I have offered to text him this website address so he can come and explain to you for
    He had also remembered that I had told him that I had been made redundant and that was my first bit of money in two years, he’s answer to that was that God knows and that I will recieve some powerful blessings.
    So the moral of the story I still dont know but he
    seems very nice and in away I feel reassured as if I have closure and can move on in a positive way. After all it is all in the mind. So dont beat yourself up if it happens to you.
    Hope this helps someone.

  36. I met this guy 4 times, this time on Dover street and before around Berkeley Square area. He kept telling me that I was a lucky man, but today he told me that something will happen to me. When I asked him why am I a lucky man or what would happen to me, he didn’t answer. I decided to record this on camera and asked him directly, once again, why did he call me a lucky man and whether he is or not threatening me. He went quiet, hiding his face and walking away. Eventually I managed to take a photo of his face and reported it to the local West End Police office. He never offered me to show his trick, but I found this quite distressing as he kept following me and this is the 4th time he approaches me. I don’t think this is a normal behaviour to approach people and tell them that something will happen to them and if you want money, you should earn it or play an instrument or sing or smth.

  37. Swammi Gimmick + Cold Readming and Msucle reading = Lukcy face Yogi. SO expensive lesson but I am learning mentalism thanks to him.

  38. Hello, I’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The same thing just happened to me today. I was on my way for Friday prayer, and was crossing the road. This guy wearing a blue bandanna on his head, a blue shirt unbuttoned at the top, and jeans. I noticed he was wearing a small square shaped necklace. He looked a bit like a Pakistani/ Bangladeshi/ Indian, and speaks perfect English.

    He started off with “You have a lucky face”. I almost laughed when I read in the comments section that these guys use the same opening remark most of the time.

    He told me I looked rich, and that I have a rich heart. I just nodded plainly, mainly to portray my lack of interest in his game. He told me that he is a fortune teller, that he can tell me about my future. He said that I shall have a good fortune in a few months, and that something good is going to happen to me in December. Well I didn’t believe that, but hearing that from someone else somehow makes you feel good. Perhaps that’s just human nature?

    He then continued on telling me about my life, that I have been trying hard to succeed, but success seems to be running away from my grasp. The fortune teller then told me that there’s a woman who has a grudge against me, and think badly of me. This woman, whoever she is, has cursed me using black magic. And as I’ve expected, he told me that he can help me with this problem.

    But then he asked me “Do you have a car?” I said yes. “Let’s talk inside your car, and I can show you more” and at that point, I was very skeptical. Why would he want to be somewhere private with me? If whatever he’s doing is good, it shouldn’t be hidden away from others. And fortunate me, I didn’t drive today. So I told him no, and we kept on walking towards the mosque.

    Nearing the mosque, he told me that the weather was too hot and that he wants to talk to me in private, and he went back into some pylons piled up next to a construction site near the mosque. I became even more skeptical. Why does this guy need to hide from the public? I told him, we can talk here (on the roadside), but he insisted. Considering that there were still people around, and that it was still a public area, I was confident that this man wasn’t going to mug me or anything.

    So he pulled out from his pocket a leather wallet with cards and a few green gemstones in it. He pulled out a laminated card, and on it “Mr. Yogi Man” was written. There were some wordings describing himself (I think) below his name, but I was in a hurry to read everything.

    He pulled out a pen and a small piece of paper and started to write something on it. Then he crumpled the paper and gave it to me. He told me not to open it yet, and keep it in my fist. So I did. He then asked me to think about a flower, any flower. So I told him “Rose”. Then he asked me to pick a number from 1, 3, 7 and 9. I replied “7”.

    Then he asked me to open the paper, and yes, you guessed it, “Rose” and “7” was written on the paper. I smiled, that’s a pretty good trick though. Although, I know that he was taking a chance there. Rose is pretty common, and if you’re stuck in a situation like that which you really would want to get away, you would think of the first thing that comes to mind, the most common flower i.e. rose. For some reason I think that most people would choose 7 over the other numbers, but I don’t really know how to explain it.

    So Mr. Yogi Man told me that he can help to pray for me in his shrine to get rid of the curse/ black magic. At that point of time, I felt I really need to go, so I politely told him that I really appreciate his thoughts, but I was not open to such “cleansing” ritual.

    I think he saw that I wasn’t going to budge, and he quickly pulled out another card from his wallet. It was a photo of a group of old skinny men, shirtless, wearing some sort of turban. He told me that he’s also helping these guys, and that he appreciate some donation. I wasn’t going to lie, if he had come to me earlier with that story, I would’ve donated earlier on without him having to pull the tricks. But I appreciate his effort, so I donated a few bucks, and we parted ways.

    I hope that this guy would find a better use of his skills. A fine young man, he is. Mr. Yogi Man.

  39. This happened to me today, but he took the paper thing to new levels, I opened the paper and He had written down my date of birth and the name of two men I recently had in my life and couldn’t decide which one to be with. I am still really confused. I can’t see how he could have swapped the paper in my hand or written down so much information while we were talking and I was looking at him.

  40. Just happened to me in Dublin IFSC. I was downstairs to stay with my colleague smoking (so no money) and he exactly made all the same show. touching his and my forhead, the numbers, colour (3 and yellow), the flower, my girlfriend name and blabla I will have a lucky 2017.
    He showed me the old guru man and the poor children in India; the hand shaking and so on.

    Finally he asked for money but I had no, and he was disappointed.
    He asked for credit card, I answered no again (it was true!); “nothing precious you can give?” I only had my mobile phone, so i replied no again. He wished best luck to me and left.
    He was an old Indian man, with turban, really good suit, warm smile.
    It was a good experience and even if it was a trick, if I had money I gave it to him, because it’s his “work” and he did it perfectly.
    I was in a magic world for some minute and I felt fine. Thanks

  41. just had 2 days of intensive seminar, so decided to go for a walk and find myself a beer around Oxford Street. It was already cloudy but no drips yet. As I walked somebody (indian in suit) approached me and said I had a Tiger face, smart and think to much (true story). I’ve travelled al around the globe so I told him beforehand that I wouldn’t pay. That was allright with him. But we went inside somewhere because it started to rain. I did his writing trick but I lost his little note during our talk. In the end I bought a cake for him around 3 pounds. Was a good trade for some entertainment 🙂 ofcourse all is a scam but yeah it was funny

  42. So pleased to find this post. I moved to Mayfair recently. On three occasions random men have tried to open a conversation by commenting that I am a ‘very lucky lady’. Twice while I was sitting outside a cafe, and once just walking down the street wearing headphones, I don’t mind parting with a little money, it’s vaguely entertaining, but do feel like they approach me because I’m a young woman, walking/sitting alone. They also do it that creepy ‘you can trust me’ voice. Argh!

  43. eyyy… Mr. Yogi Man strikes again!

    I’m in Singapore,
    this time at riverside behind UOB plaza, near the fat bird statue,

    today is Thursday 2016 July 7th, was a drizzling noon, it was raining quite a bit in the morning.
    While enjoying my solitude with cup of ginger teh-O, I thought what a wonderful cloudy noon, not many other people around since all benches there are wet from the rain this morning, and suddenly

    A wild Yogi Man appear!

    Indian man with orange shirt, he strikes me with his stare, and say “You have a lucky face!”

    “well, thank you!” I said to him,
    and so the conversation continues with him doing fortunetelling about me, all good stuff,
    and the ritual begin, with him asking me to choose a number bellow 4, a color, my age, and my wish!
    and of course while me holding a small crumpled piece of paper,

    in the end after all his magic trick shenanigan, he open his wallet, ask me to put my hand inside it, and then he mumbled some kind of magic mantra.

    and then asked me to put some money inside that wallet, and I say “No, thanks!” 😀

    That was quite a novelty that amused me a little bit. Glad to share this experience with other people, hope you guys wont be tricked giving money to this guy.

  44. Met the Indian guy 28 July 2016 at Park Ln in London. The description of the man and the trick fits perfectly (Rose, 7 and Purple). I’m convinced the little pink slip of paper wasn’t switched from the moment it was put in my hand until I unfolded it. I ended up paying £20 and my son is still laughing at me 🙂

  45. This just happened to me at Holburn in London. Made reference to the lines on my forehead being some sort of positive karma indicator or somesuch. Weirdly he was trying to have the conversation with heavy construction work going on, but struck me as a good sales person.

    Controlled the conversation but was definitely playing the odds, my heart was broken by a girl last year (I’m a guy who has been out of the closet some 25 years now lulz).

    I ended the chat before the paper thing started properly though.

  46. The turban guy got me near Chancery Lane in London today. It was sunny and I was in a good mood, so I entertained his rubbish for a few minutes.
    He had me hole a piece of crumpled paper and then kept asking me for lucky colours until I said “blue”, which was what was written on the paper.
    He then told me not to shave tomorrow, or cut my nails next Tuesday and scribbled some rubbish about luck in the next 5 years, then asked for “just some coins”. I told him I had nothing and walked off. Sounds like some of the other commentators in this thread got a good little bit of street magic from this guy/one of these guys. I feel a bit ripped off that my show wasn’t an impressive one :p

  47. The turban guy got me near Chancery Lane in London today. It was sunny and I was in a good mood, so I entertained his rubbish for a few minutes.
    He had me hole a piece of crumpled paper and then kept asking me for lucky colours until I said “blue”, which was what was written on the paper.
    He then told me not to shave tomorrow, or cut my nails next Tuesday and scribbled some rubbish about luck in the next 5 years, then asked for “just some coins”. I told him I had nothing and walked off. Sounds like some of the other commentators in this thread got a good little bit of street magic from this guy/one of these guys. I feel a bit ripped off that my show wasn’t an impressive one :p

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