The Next Sony Reader

The first image of the new Sony Reader PRS-505 leaked out today on an electronics store website, no doubt ready for sales in the next month or two:

At 128MB, the PRS-505 has double the memory of the previous model, meaning that it’ll be able to store about 160 books quite easily – enough to negate the need for most people to buy an additional memory card, which is handy. It may have an updated Vizplex display, which would be really nice – almost double the page-turning speed, 20% higher contrast and more greyscale levels.

There are also obvious design improvements: the page turning buttons have been moved to the right (perhaps in recognition that most people are indeed right-handed), as have the menu buttons. The function of the navigation bottoms at the bottom right is also more obvious. Finally, the price is remaining the same, at $300.

From this early image, the PRS-505 doesn’t look quite as cool as the previous model, but I’m withholding judgement for now. It’s not a revolutionary improvement that will sell millions (certainly not at that price), but it looks like it’ll be a welcome update, especially if the display is improved and they fix some of the software issues.

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