The Secret of Christmas Lights

‘Largest’ Christmas tree lit up (BBC News):

When lit up, the giant redwood will be visible on board flights approaching Gatwick Airport.

Two electricians spent a day replacing all 1,800 light bulbs before a pair of cranes were brought in to put the lights on the tree at Ardingly.

…Conservation manager Ian Parkinson told BBC South East Today there was “no secret” to avoiding tangles.

He said: “We just put them in the box at the end of the season, and the next year, when they are in a tangled mess, we unravel them laboriously.”


One Reply to “The Secret of Christmas Lights”

  1. Well isn’t that silly. Everyone knows (or should) that you just wrap the lights around a tube (wrapping paper, rolled up newspaper). No tangles and then you’ve got a spool to use as you hang them.

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