Their Say

I’m not sure whether I’ve mentioned how much I hate the Have Your Say section on BBC News Online (surely a forum the BBC must be ashamed of) – if I haven’t, then I’ll have to do a post about it some time. Anyway, it occasionally throws up some real gems:

Q: Should we build 600 large electricity pylons from windfarms in the Highlands to Central Scotland, or should we bury the wires underground?

Most answers: Businesses make so much money, they should pay for burying the lines / I hate Scotland / I hate England / Windfarms don’t work anyway / Climate change would blow down the pylons

Best answer: I think the pylons should be built, because they have a real charm and beauty to them. Objecting to their appearance is like objecting to railway bridges and aqueducts. Also I think they should be painted red, white and blue, to celebrate 300 years of the Union. This would add to the gaiety of the Highland scenery, and be a good post-modern joke, enjoyable on several levels. And it would provide much-needed work for hundreds of Scotch labourers.

One Reply to “Their Say”

  1. Not for no reason have I heard the forums referred to as “Chav Your Say” in the past. Such rampant populism is, indeed, frequently highly annoying, but it’s frustratingly addictive to follow to see if this will be one of the rare occasions where sense and broad-mindedness will prevail, or at least be sufficiently well-recommended to earn wider airing.

    The solution, as with so many things in life, is to treat it like a game – or, at least, a contest. I *nearly* managed to get a “Jim’ll Fix It” theme song parody into the first page of most recommended comments for a particularly slow news day topic; if only I had commented just a little earlier…

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