Where’s Adrian? (The Sequel)

Next week, I’m speaking at a couple of conferences on Perplex City in London. Can you guess I didn’t get much notice? Anyway, if you happen to be going to either, please say hi!

Tuesday November 28th: BBC Audio Drama Festival. I’m speaking on the Gaming panel, which is at 9:30am and also repeated at 11:30am.

Friday December 1st: FutureMedia C21 Conference. I’ll be on the first ‘Case Studies from the Digital Frontier‘ panel at 9:50am.

I’m probably going to the London MetaFilter meetup on December 8th, and I’m going to be in Toronto from December 13th to 21st.

In other news, I’ve posted a rather long comment with further thoughts on religion and a ‘church without religion’, in response to Chris and Brooke’s interesting points. I’m talking to a lot of people about this (probably boring them to death) and doing a lot of thinking. It’s a very interesting subject.

3 Replies to “Where’s Adrian? (The Sequel)”

  1. Hello, can anyone go to the BBC Audio Drama Festival or is it an invite/ticket event? I would like to hear you speak about Perplex City as I have just discovered ARGing, and would like to learn more.
    I couldn’t find any mention of this festival on either bbc.co.uk or google. If it is open to all – where is it?

  2. I don’t think it’s open to the public, unfortunately. I can’t find any info on it on the web either, which is odd, but if you’re *really* interested, email me and I might be able to get you in for the talk.

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