…and all done

Welcome to the new Mssv! The most obvious change is that the design is different (easier to read, I hope) and that all three weblogs have now been merged together. I’m glad I tried the four-year long experiment of three different weblogs, but ultimately it didn’t work due to the fact that I only have a finite amount of spare time and I wasn’t updating the main article as often as I wanted to. I’m optimistic that this simpler structure will see me writing much more.

There are a few other nice bits and pieces on the weblog, mainly to do with Search (it exists now) and Comments. On the old weblog, comments were a complete pain both for reader to post and me to moderate, but things should be much easier now. There’s also a Recent Comment box on the sidebar to the right. Unfortunately, I’ve still lost a fair number of comments from the old weblog.

Basically, what happened is that I ran out of space on my webhost, and as a result the comments database file became corrupted. This is no excuse for Movable Type, which continued to act oddly after everything had been fixed, and so I resolved to finally switch over to WordPress, a weblog engine that is under much more active development and is markedly more pleasant to use (although not perfect).


6 Replies to “…and all done”

  1. After learning a bit of SPARQL, I’ve been overcome by a desire to write my own weblog engine again. I’d like to see if I can write a weblog system with categories and comments in under a hundred lines of code!

  2. Well, how time flies.

    The old version of mssv.net was what inspired me (along with Charlie Bell’s encouragement) to make myself a website, and then to make it a blog. I consider this site the granddad of my own site.

    Nice to see grandpa’s got some new threads… and threads sewn by WordPress, no less. Looks good. Congratulations!

  3. Thanks! I’m glad that the site was an inspiration… I certainly updated it a lot more back then. I just checked out your site again – how do you do those progress tracker things in the sidebar?

    Also, I enjoyed reading your posts about meeting with Vinge on the Culture list – interesting stuff.

  4. Adrian,

    The progress tracker plugin is Progressfly, available here. I don’t mind the fact you update less often. One thing I totally love is that your feed is merged… I used to have three feeds for your site and I prefer having the option of subscribing just to one.

    Glad you enjoyed the musings on meeting Vinge. He’s a hell of a guy, Vernor is.

  5. Actually, I have a reciprocal question: what are you using to get the Flickr images in your sidebar? I’m running WordPress 1.5.something and can’t seem to find anything to do that specifically.

  6. It’s a combination of the WordPress Widget plugin and Flickr’s badge generator (http://www.flickr.com/badge_new.gne). There are a few Flickr widgets for WordPress floating around the net, but none are particularly good, and I believe Flickr’s own one is the only that will choose random photos.

    I customised the HTML of the badge to remove various bits and pieces – feel free to lift the code!

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