San Francisco

Part of the reason I’ve disappeared for over a month is because I’ve been completely immersed in organising the upcoming San Francisco live event for Perplex City. Let’s just say that it’s a step up from what we’ve done in the past, and it’s really demanding a lot of my time.

Anyway, it means that I’m going to be in San Francisco in mid-August. San Francisco is the last major US city that I haven’t yet visited (that’s my definition of ‘major’, by the way), so I’m hoping to do a bit of exploring and meeting up with friends – incidentally, if I’ve missed anyone out, let me know if you’re in SF and would like to meet up.

One Reply to “San Francisco”

  1. Apologies: I’m going to be in Maine…

    But I am somewhat curious what you think of Jerome Feldman’s book/stuff on neural circuitry and language..

    Brad DeLong

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