The Hugo Nominees

<a title="The Hugo
Nominees, 2006″ href=””>The Hugo Nominees, 2006 – a comprehensive guide to all the stories nominated for this year’s SF Hugo Award. If you scroll down, you can view many of the stories for free simply by clicking on them – god bless the internet!


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  1. I really enjoyed the beautiful short story ‘Singing My Sister Down’- rather hard to pin down to a particular genre, it reminded me a little bit of Sloosha’s Crossin’ in Cloud Atlas. A review by Cheryl Morgan is very favourable but states: ‘I suspect it is too far from traditional Hugo material to actually win. There are clues in the story that suggest it takes place in our future rather than in some primitive tribal culture, but that is the sole fantastical element to it. Besides, it is by no means warm and fuzzy, and does not feature any cats.’

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