(Quick post while I write the huge queue of posts I’ve got backlogged)

I recently got hold of a new Intel iMac. I’d been wanting a new computer for a while now, and it seemed like getting a top of the line computer (as opposed to more middle-range ones) which would presumably stay fast for longer, would be a novel experience. As soon as Apple released Boot Camp, there was no longer any doubt in my mind – a computer that would allow me to run OS X and play Civilization 4 fast? Get me my credit card.

Among the numerous nice touches on the iMac is Front Row, which is basically a way to play music, videos and photos on your computer from across the room using a remote control. None of this is particularly novel, but of course Apple gives it an impeccable appearance, which makes all the difference.

The other day, Alex and Kristina were over, so I gave them a look at the iMac. Alex immediately pounced on the remote and spent about 15 minutes marvelling over the lovely interface and playing all of my music.

“Did you know that Take me Out [by Franz Ferdinand] is used by Sony for all their Playstation videos at conferences and conventions? I’ve been to three now and they keep on using the same music?”

“Huh,” said Alex.

“I think it has that sort of non-offensive rock style that is trendy but not too trendy – cool enough to appeal to today’s youth, but not so cool that it doesn’t have a tune and puts off all the middle-aged people,” I offered.

“It’s also got that sort of sound so you can just play it quietly in the background – it’s not overwhelming,” added Kristina.

“Thanks guys, now I don’t like this music any more,” said Alex.

Another job well done!

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