One Reply to “The Case for Contamination”

  1. Well well well Adey boy, we meet again!

    Feeling a touch of New Year nostalgia I happened upon your interesting little blog here. Especially enjoyed checking out your flickr library and seeing a whole host of familiar (if not a little foggy) faces. Shock of shocks, the old playboy Anthony got married? Is this some elaborate internet ruse??? Well give my best wishes to the old man.

    I see you’re getting along in the world, Mind Candy looks like an interesting idea. Is it taking off?

    I’m living in Japan, had a good 16months here: met my missus (not married), calmed down a bit, and starting eating again which can only be good. Doing the english teacher thing, got promoted to manager too but the whole Japan thing is pretty stale these days. Will be back to Albion with the prevailing wind around summertime.

    Word to the wise, that facial hair is either incredibly good or bad. Is it an ironical homage to Miami Vice?

    Never sure how to finish these so; bye!
    Christopher Osborne

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