London and Google

Busy. Very busy. But not too busy to have my 23rd birthday yesterday, watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and eat some chocolate cake. In case I don’t mention it later, I’m going to be in Toronto in early September and I’m planning to organise some kind of Perplex City/alternate reality gaming meetup, so keep an eye out if you live nearby.

I noticed that a certain ARG (which I will not name here) has bought up my name “adrian hon” as a Google keyword for their own game. What’s that about? I’m pretty sure I don’t get googled that often, and when I do, usually it’s just me trying to find out what people are saying about me. Surely it would’ve made more sense to use “elan lee” or “sean stewart” as keywords? Still, they’ve bought up pretty much all the other obvious keywords so maybe they were just mucking about towards the end…


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