Good Intentions

Things to do in the next few days:

Run the Liverpool Half-Marathon on Sunday. I suspect my time will be the same or worse than last time, given the fact that I’ve only been training once a week for the last few months. Then again, the awesome power of the iPod Shuffle playlist might manifest itself and motivate me to run faster. Who knows.

See Rilo Kiley play at Borderline on Tuesday. Should be a lot of fun, because it seems like a small gig and there’s no boring opening act to wait through. Rilo Kiley has been getting a very respectable amount of publicity lately due to their tour and new album. Clearly I was there first though.

Other things to do: write more about ARGs! If only I had the time…

2 Replies to “Good Intentions”

  1. So, come on then, what was your time, and how does it compare with last year?

    [Should the iPod Shuffle count as a stimulant that should be banned?]


  2. I just caught them yesterday at Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall, supporting Bright Eyes. They’re both fantastic bands, and but on a great show. If you’ve never heard Bright Eyes before, look out for his solo acoustic song ‘Lua’, it’s on the setlist.

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