Normal service will be resumed

I know what you’re thinking. “What the hell is this article about coach services in Oxford doing on a weblog that is supposed to be about massively multiuser online entertainment, biology and space, in that order?” Well, what can I say – I take the coaches a lot, and along with the Indian Visa article, I think some people will find it very useful.

However, I know that’s not what a lot of people come here for. Recently I was reading through my old mmoe articles from way back, and two things struck me. The first was that they were really badly edited and the early ones don’t read particularly well. The second was that they’re still interesting (at least to me) and I now have many new thoughts on the genre. Part of the reason for my silence on the mmoe/ARG front has been simply pragmatic – I can’t talk about my talk. However, that should mostly cease to be a problem fairly soon, so I’m looking forward to writing a new series of articles looking at the current and future state of massively multiuser online entertainment and alternate reality games.

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