Not that desperate

Along with several million other people in the UK, I watched the first episode of Desperate Housewives today. I’m not sure why this deserves a post here when I’ve been watching better shows recently (namely Lost) but the buildup and hype behind this has been such that I couldn’t avoid seeing it. It was amusing enough and pulled all the right strings in terms of being funny, mysterious and dramatic – clearly good enough to pull in over 20 million viewers in the US (double that of Sex in the City). Still, I have the feeling that on the raunch-scale, a lot of people are going to be disappointed; Desperate Housewives barely registers a murmur compared to the aneurysm that is Sex in the City. Naturally, I am above such things and I think in this case I think people will get over it. No doubt we will all be watching Teri Hatcher meeting up with her ex-husband in Paris in seven years.

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