Bangalore World University

In about six hours I’ll be hopping on board a taxi that will begin a magical journey to Bangalore (in south India), taking in Heathrow, Zurich and Mumbai. Oh, when I say ‘magical’, what I mean is ‘excessively long, unexciting and very likely stressful and unclean’. Once I get to Bangalore and meet my friend there things should get better pretty quickly.

I’m only visiting for a week, which is a rather short amount of time to ‘do India’ and in any case I’m only staying around the Bangalore area, so I’m under no illusions of actually seeing the whole country. Still, I’m sure there’ll be plenty for me to see, and more importantly, eat.

The friend I’m visiting informed me that it’d be pretty cold in Bangalore this time of year so I’d better pack warm clothes and a coat. I naively thought this was true, and so only checked a weather report this morning. Unsurprisingly it totally contradicted my friend by saying the temperature right now hovers around the mid to high 20s; in other words, a warm summer’s day. Certainly cuts down on the amount of clothes I’ll have to take, to be sure.

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