How to obtain a visa for India in London

Update: Much of the information below is now wrong! Visas take much longer to get – the queues are longer, and if you don’t arrive really early, you’ll be given a ticket to come back at a later date. The best way to learn more is to look through the comments that other people have helpfully supplied – check the most recent ones.

If you ever decide to visit India, you’ll discover at the travel agent that you have to get a visa. At this point you’ll go through several well-defined stages; shock, anger, fear, irritation and acceptance. Then you’ll find out that you have to make the trip to an Indian Consulate (in my case, India House on Aldwych in London), and you’ll go through them all over again. This is a brief guide on how to get a visa for India and what’s involved. This was all applicable in November 2004 – things may have changed by the time you read this and I advise you not to just rely on this guide, just in case.

Quick Facts

1) Don’t worry, it’s not actually that difficult
2) You can be in and out within two hours
3) If you make sure you clearly and fully complete your application form, then things will go much quicker
4) Bring a magazine or a book

Before you go

I’m going to assume that you have already visited the High Commission of India’s website, downloaded the visa form and decided on when to go to the commission. The website also has a list of official holidays at the commission when they’ll be closed – check this because they have a number of holidays and you’ll feel really stupid if you turn up and no-one’s home.

Fill in your form, check it and double-check it. Get two passport-sized photos and make sure you have the correct amount of money for the application fee in cash – they don’t take cheques or credit cards.

When you decide on when you’re going to go get your visa, you might want to consider if there are any holidays around when you go. For example, I visited the commission after two days of holiday (Diwali). As a result, I suspect the queues were longer.

How can I find the commission at Aldwych?

It’s the thing with a huge queue of people snaking out from it (unless you get there absurdly early). It’s hard to miss. The really long queue is the one for visas, the short one is for people with Indian passport enquiries (i.e. not you).

The start of the first queue, disappearing into the distance.

The end of the first queue (you can see the window at the end of the curve)

What time should I turn up?

The commission in London opens at 8:30am. I arrived at 8:35am and there were already over 150 people in the queue in front of me. I think people start queueing up as early as 7:30am, and I talked to a girl who’d been queueing since 7:45am and she got out at 9:45am (i.e. two hours all told). The problem with turning up that early is that while there are fewer people in front of you, you still have to wait for the place to open.

As a result, I think that if you turn up at any time before, say, 9am, it’ll probably take you around two hours altogether. If you leave it any later, you’ll have to wait longer. I really don’t recommend turning up any later than 9:30am since there’s a good chance you won’t be able to pick up your visa that day, or at least you’ll have to wait for much longer than two hours.

What’s the process when I get there?

I heard many people in the queue criticising the commission for an illogical system. That’s not true – it’s perfectly logical and it even is vaguely organised. The only problem is that they seem to have no desire to inform anyone of how it works. Luckily, I do.

The process has three steps; queueing to get a queue number, queueing to hand in your visa application, and waiting to get your completed visa. You’ll notice there’s a lot of queueing involved.

The First Queue: Getting a Queue Number

This is the one outside of India House. I arrived at 8:35am and spent a little under an hour in this queue. It moves along quite regularly. The point of this queue is to show a guy in a window that you have a passport and then to collect a piece of paper with a queue number (or numbers, depending on how many passports and visa applications you’re making). The queue number you collect here (e.g. B69) is for the second queue, inside.

The Second Queue: Handing in your visa appplication

After you collect your queue number, you’ll be allowed inside and walk upstairs to a room with a bunch of commission staff behind windows. There are a lot of seats here and in a side room that also has vending machines.

Once you get upstairs, do not loiter around in front of window 1, which will be directly in front of you when you go through the door at the top of the stairs. Window 1 is for people collecting their completed visas and right now, that’s not you. Instead, go and wait in the main room and get a seat if you can. There’s a display in the corner of the room with the current queue number. Notice that a letter from A to E is also highlighted below the number. The queue number cycles through the letters and goes from A1 to E99, so do not make the all-too-typical mistake of going to a window when it’s your number but not your letter; the staff won’t be impressed.

Since many people there are submitting multiple visa applications (e.g. for friends or family) the queue number tends to go in bursts. I got inside at around 9:30am and the queue number was A77. My number, B69, took about 40 minutes to come up. When it’s your number, go straight to the next free window; don’t worry if they seem to have skipped past your number.

Once you’re at the window, hand over your application, passport, passport photos and money. Do not waste everyone’s time by searching through bags and wallets for the necessary stuff; you just spent at least an hour queueing before this so you don’t have an excuse. This bit only took me a couple of minutes because I’d filled in my form properly and hadn’t been denied a visa in the past. After she’s taken all your stuff, she’ll give you a receipt with your queue number (the same one as before) written on it. She will keep your passport – they need it to process your visa.

Waiting to get your completed visa

They hand out visas at window 1. For some inexplicable reason, there are always loads of people rammed up against this window despite the fact that there can be an hour long wait and also they always call out your number multiple times when they have your visa ready. Who knows why people do this – it certainly doesn’t speed things up.

The staff member who gave you your receipt will tell you how long you can expect to wait if you ask her. I was told it’d be 45 minutes; instead it was only 20 minutes. I put this down to my charming personality, or more likely, the fact that there weren’t any issues with my passport or application. You might as well sit down again at this point and wait for your number to be called out. Don’t fall asleep or listen to music, even if it seems it’ll take ages based on what numbers they’re calling out at the moment; they tend to skip around numbers a lot so they might be calling out B1 in one minute and B60 in the next.

When they call out your number, fight your way through the silly huddle of people around the window and get your passport with your visa inside. They’ll tell you to check it – do it! You are checking to make sure that they’ve gotten your passport number correct, and that the valid dates are correct for when you want to visit (they’ll actually be valid for ages longer than you’ll typically need it).

And then you can leave, all done! Like I said, it took me two hours altogether and I suspect it would be even quicker if I hadn’t gone through after two days of holiday.

Other Questions

Is there a toilet?

While I have not seen it myself I’m told there is one downstairs.

You’re wrong about x

Perhaps I am, I only went there once and things may have changed. Please do not rely on this guide for anything really urgent.

I can’t be bothered queueing up, is there some way I can mail my application in?

You can mail it directly to the commission, or you can use a visa service. The visa services are often much quicker and more expensive. Whether or not you want to use them depends on how much you value your time. I don’t know anything more about them so don’t ask me to recommend one.

Why did you bother writing this?

I estimate that at least 400 people go to the commission every day. That’s up to 100,000 per year. I was not been able to find anything decent online about the actual process of getting a visa before I visited, and for many of the people there, it’s quite a stressful and anxious procedure. I decided that a guide explaining all of the steps involved would make it a little clearer and more understandable for all concerned. Perhaps it might even speed things up!

Will you update this guide?

I sorely doubt it, unless there happens to be a good reason.

I would like to reprint this guide

Email me. There’s a link at the top of this page.

302 Replies to “How to obtain a visa for India in London”

  1. I hold a British Passport and I am trying to get an Indian Tourist Visa and I am having major problems because my parents originate from Bangladesh but are British – anyone else had the same problem?? Please share your experience/advise with me.

    I queued for 7 hours on Monday and I then got a ticket to come back Friday (12th October 2007) – I told them that I fly on Sunday 14th 2007 and they said that this shouldn’t be a problem. But after reading a few blogs and speaking to a few of the private visa companies, they said that it take longer if your parents originate from either Bangladesh or Pakistan –

    Anyone know why this is and if there are any extra supporting documents that I can take to speed up the process. I’m hoping that after some serious grovelling (which I hopefully wont have to do, but I am prepared to), they will give it to me the same day.

  2. I’m getting conflicting advice about whether I can submit an application in person for a work colleague. The High Commission web-site certainly implies yes but Edinburgh office (the only one to respond to a phone call) ‘thinks’ you can only submit for a family member. Does anyone know for sure?

  3. Hi everyone, it is a bit chaotic at the embassy to say the least! I queued last Friday morning from 9am onwards, to be given a ticket to come back today! However, if you start queuing from 6.30am you can get a ticket for the same day I later discovered…so if you need a visa urgently or you don’t want to come back again start queuing from AT LEAST 6.30am. I think it might get worse as apparently people had been sleeping outside the embassy from 2.30am this morning in sleeping bags to to get one for sure on the day. The root of this problem seems to be the fact that they have stopped doing postal applications. Its quite organised really though if you stick to what is asked of you and get there early.
    Also, in answer to the above question, yes you can definitely submit for anyone, as long as you have the paperwork, photos, cash and their passport – I got a visa for me and my boyfriend this morning.
    Hope this is helpful and sorry if its not what you wanted to hear about getting up early…!

  4. Oh and there is a toilet downstairs in the hall for white tickets (once you’re allowed in the building!), but you can go through and use it even if you have a yellow ticket, just ask.

  5. The wait appears to be getting longer. I joined the queue today at 8.30am and received a Q ticket just after 11.00am only to find that I have to return on the 22nd for the application to be processed i.e. in 10 days time!! Be warned if you need a visa quickly.

  6. Whether it’s due to the postal strike or the fact that they have stopped taking postal applications as the above person says, but… Today Friday, I queued from just before 8am all I got was a ticket at 10:30 allowing me to come back next Thursday at 10am. Currently, if you want to be served same day 7:00 seems a realistic time to turn up…

  7. This info is pretty much worthless now, the consulate in London is so behind on visa applications already for the new holiday season that you are now queing in person for approx 3-4 hours just to get a ticket to come back in 10 days, if you have a flight within the next 10 days you will have no choice but to pay one of the Consulates new “Official” travel agents to get your visa, these agent have paid the consulate large sums for this right and in return the Consulate has ceased accepting postal applications, if you need your Indian Visa urgently, these agent are charging £129 + the £30 visa fee.

    I was at the consulate at 8am on friday 12th of October and had to que for 4 hours just to get a ticket to come back on the 22nd, anyone flying before this date was told they had to pay the agents or lose there flight. This a typical Indian money making scheme, make a few extra pounds with the bright Official Agent idea and stop taking postal applications, but lose 10,000 times that in lost tourism!

  8. I arrived from Norfolk at 9.30am on 11th october, at the HCI, obviously too late to get a visa same day, to be told to come back next Friday. This excercise cost me £70 in fares, a day off work, to return home without a visa. I came out of the queue for the yellow ticket, took a tube to west hampstead and left my passports with an agent for a fee of £40. I love my holidays to Goa, but am seriously looking for a new destination. I don’t think I can go through this ‘pallava’ again. I am shocked the Indian Government have let this chaotic system of applying for visas happen which will undoubtedly affect tourism.

  9. Disagree, Gavin that “This info is pretty much worthless now”. If anything this blog is more important as the days pass. Once again, if you are able/willing to camp out (latest news suggests 4am latest) you stand a pretty good chance of a visa on the day. This might change in the next few weeks as more people turn to agents and they take up more of the (unofficial but hinted at) 200 ‘today Qtickets’.

  10. I’ve been to India and Thailand recently. If I am thinking of going to India merely for a holiday, I would swap it for Thailand any time due to this shambolic visa fiasco.

  11. Went this morning – arrived 4.50 with about 30 people ahead of me. About a thousand behind me when I left (seriously – went right past Bush House). Had my visa by 10.00am. Not sure when they stopped allowing people to have tickets for today – but it was pretty soon after I got in. Remember that people are making applications for several others at the same time.

    It was pretty rotten to have to go so early, but fortunately I live in London whereas others live further afield and have had to make several visits.

    Quite stupid really – at £30 a visa which takes approximately 5 minutes processing time in actual person time they could afford to pay a bit of overtime and take on some more staff. Seems like they probably turn away £10,000 a day and hope it will come back. They lose much more in goodwill.

    Time to publicise this – some TV travel program and some national news coverage might help.

    But all in all the spirit of the blitz lived on and in the right frame of mind it can be fun (so long as you get your visa at the end of it). So thanks to those all around me who made ita fun wait…hope you all got to Maidenhead/Colchester/Dubai! and good luck with the charity work in Delhi.

    So, in a nutshell, either think of an alternative destination or bring water, food, collapsable chair, torch & book – but don’t bring a big bag – they really might not let you in.

    Good luck!

  12. Having had the wind put up me by recent posts and the strikes I went for the visa agency solution. Handed over the passports Wednesday, visas ready today (Monday). Agencies have a queue ticket allocation (although their allocations have been reduced because of the trouble) so they seem safe from the main stumbling block here. I was willing to throw money at this problem using the express service (agency fee+£50) but they, Princes Visa, said it wasn’t necessary. They could have skinned me if they’d wanted, so credit to them.

  13. I have been at the embassy from 8.30 this morning and got a ticket to return next week at 12.15. I was frozen, hungry, thirsty and really fed up by then. I travel in January by ship but do not enter Hong Kong until 12th Feb. Someone on this site says that I may not get a 6 month visa as I have not already visited India. HELP!!! Do I go back next week or will it be a waste of time? Does anyone know for sure if I will get a 6 month visa?

  14. I am getting seriously worried. I have to fly to India next Friday as my dad passed away recently.
    I send my application in Sept by mail as I’ve always done, but it was returned 2 weeks ago due to the change in process. I gave up on the idea of using an agent as they all asked me to send things by Royal Mail which given the current situation I was reluctant to do.
    I resided to going up to HCI tomorrow for a same day visa (Wed 17th). My plan was to get a 5am train from Brighton to arrive by 7.30am… however THANKFULLY I found this website.
    I’m now leaving here at 2am by car so will be there by 3.30am. I simply cannot afford to come back dissappointed so will be sat in the cold for 5 hours until they open.
    Would appreciate any advice as I’m dreading the whole experience!

  15. I went there this morning with my girlfriend. We turned up at 4.30 am and I counted 18 people already there queuing. The line grew very quickly behind us and before long it was snaking round Aldwych, so people have obviously heard that it is wise to get there early. In fact some of the people around us were there for the second day having queued before but arriving too late for a same-day ticket on previous days.

    As we were 19th or so in the queue we got our numbers soon after 8.30 and these were called by 9. We got our passports back with the visas at around 9.45. When we came out the queues were as long as ever though. I can’t imagine many more people would have got their visas the same day.

    My advice – either pay to use an agent or go very early and wait. It’s not much fun sitting waiting in the dark but if you need your visa urgently it works!

  16. I went to the indian embassy on 12th October. i joined the queue at 8.30am only to be told that i should return on 22nd October.
    That will be a problem for me as it will take a month to process my visa as my parents are from Pakistan. that means that it will be too late for me by then to get a visa to India before the time i was meant to fly to India in time for a wedding and for my birthday.
    the advice is to make sure that you arrive before 5am and wait in the queue. that way you should get a visa either on the samr day and if your parents are from Pakistan, Bangladesh or SriLanka, then you will atleats get in to hand your application in. then you will have to wait for a month, making numerous phone calls which usually go unanswered.
    Beware, if you are the child of a Pakistani, Bengali or Srilkankan, you must make sure that you attend yourself. Non of the agents will be able to do that for you as they will sent away and told that you have to attend in person.
    Frankly, in those circumstances, it is a complete waste of time and effort. you might aswell go elsewhere, where you will be treated with some degree of respect atleast.

  17. just a quick update on todays situation

    i arrived at 4:55am. there was about 20 people ahead in the queue. at least one of which was a travel agent doing multiple applications.

    i left at 7:25am and there were about 300 people in the queue. my girlfriend is still there with our applications. i’ll update this when i find out what time she got them.

    pretty cold and raining but all good fun if you prepare yourself mentally.

  18. done. sucessfully left the building at 9:22am.

    so 4 and a half hours in total.

    for those needing visa quickly id definetly recommend the same. if you get there that early then you are queueing in the off street bit as well. bit more spacious and chances to sit down.

  19. Thanks for all the info, looking at heading up tomorrow so hopefully queues arent too big! Someone mentioned earlier that if you havent visited India before you can only get a 3month tourist visa…is this true!? This would screw my trip up as i’m going away for 6months and india is my last stop!

  20. I am flying in 10 days. and they turned me back today and told me to return on the 30th October..and gave me a ticket…i.e i am pretty much stuffed.

    If i camp out overnight, you reackon i’ll be able to get one in one day too?



  21. Hi everyone!

    I took the advice of Im Soaking Wet and arrived at 4.30am this morning. Having been given a 30th Oct ticket yesterday.

    Stood for 4 freezing hours and got in at 8.35am. Processed at 9am and got passport at 9.50am. The people around were very pleasant.

    I was approached twice to ‘help’ jump the queue but steadfastly refused, even offered £50. It is only fair for everyone to queue in line and wait their turn.

    I certainly wouldn’t want to this everyday – flying out on Wednesday. Good luck to all!

  22. Hi,

    After realising that the embasy has stopped taken postal applications I decided to use one of the approved travel agents. I sent our passports to them on 25th Sept’, my partner has got his back today and I’m still waiting for mine. We fly on 27th October so looks like I’ll be queing !!

  23. does anyone know what the situation is for getting the visa at the consulates in birmingham or edinburgh?
    i might go to edinburgh insted of london and try but don’t know if it’s possible to get one on the day or what the queues are like

  24. Guess What !!!! – No Postal Applications, In London, Edinburgh, and Birmingham NO LONGER ACCEPTED.

    BE WARNED, Yes The Indians, have done it again, they changed the rules again, they will no longer accept visa application via post, instead they expect you to use the travel agents, who will also charge you their handling fee. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. !!

  25. queued up at 420am this morning. got tickets 18, 19, 20. it opened around half eight and i was all paid up by quarter to. then had to wait half an hour and i was all done by half nine.

    the queue outside when i left was well over 200 metres past busch house. i wouldn’t bother going any later than 6. good luck.

  26. Wish I had found this website before last week !I arrived at Embassy on 18th October at 7.40 queued for two hours and given a Q card to come back on 31st Has anyone experienced this return trip yet its got a time on it but I am not convinced it will work
    also I was wondering about the surgeries they have around country has anyone been to one recently
    The whole situation is mad I got visa in march without any problem Its certainly not going to encourage tourism
    Good luck everyone its all very “character building” and prepares you for indian way of life I suppose

  27. I heard someone in the queue say that you can’t get your visa on the day in Birmingham, presumably its the same in Edinburgh, I think they have to send them down to London first, but I should think the queues can’t be any better, they are NOT accepting postal applications as I’ve said before so everyone has to queue now whichever embassy you go to.

  28. Hi,
    Thank god for this site as it really helped in ensuring that I got my visa and now WILL be going on Sunday-phew!!
    I went on 17th Oct at 6:20am and was out with visa by 10:15. Talked to people who’d arrived around 7am and they were being told to come back that afternoon for Visa.
    So from what I witnessed I wouldn’t say its essential to camp out but if your trip depends on it and you want to do it in ‘one hit’ then be there before 7. Anytime after and you’re looking at revisiting in the afternoon or going back around 10days later at an appointed time.
    Plus sides are the camaradarie, total elation upon receiving said visa and meeting fellow travellers for great advice,tips and now knowing I need to pack socks!
    Its freezing but worth it,

    Good luck!

  29. P.S Standard tourist visa is for 6 months. We just randomly chose hotels out of guide book for Indaian referee. Take Cash (no cheques/cc’s accepted) Ideally dont have large bags/suitcases with you and although my passport was brand new I was not asked to show old one however its worth taking as someone on this site was asked.

  30. My partner has travelled to London today to obtain holiday visa’s for us, arriving at the Indian Embassy quite late – 10.45am – he was then issued a ticket for Friday 26th October – I’m going to have to go on Friday with our tickets – am I going to be ok to get there for 8.30am/9am? I have my tickets for the day, so surely its a case of waiting for my number – or is there a chance i’ll get to told to come back another day? Thanks in advance

  31. I started queing today at 4:55 and there were 30 or so people already in front of me. I was applying for 2 visas, the first was completed by 9:15, the second by 10:00 (don’t know why one took longer than the other).

    It was not possible for me to get in to London before 7:00, so I decided to arrive late last night and stay in a cheap hotel (cheaper than paying an agent to get my visas). I found a bed in a hostel dorm for £12 right next to piccaddilly station (Piccaddilly backpackers 10-15 minute walk to India House), bit shabby but relatively clean.

  32. I went this morning (23rd Oct). I read this very helpful info and got up at 4! Arrived at the queue at 5.25 am. It had 40 odd people in it but many were getting more than one visa. The queue grew quite a bit after 6:00 am so be careful. I ended up being number 68 and 69. Doors opened at just before 8:30. Handed my papers over by 9:00. Told to come back at 10:00. Collected visas at 10:10. It is possible and good luck.

  33. Fiona – when the doors opened at 8:30 this morning there was a second queue of people (maybe only 30 odd people) who already had tickets (white ones rather than the yellow ones we were given) They went in at the same time as us (8:30) but were sent to a different room.
    I don’t know if they had a specific time on their ticket as well as a date or not though. Good luck anyway

  34. Dave – thanks – we have yellow tickets too – date and allocated time slot – thinking we should be sorted on Friday – fingers crossed! Wonder if the white tickets are for Indian Passports?

  35. Does anyone know for sure if Birmingham can issue visa on the day if you queue? May as well Travel the extra 2 hours and queue in london if they dont.

  36. Carolyn – I’ve heard the Birmingham office is closed for a refurb – thus helping to contribute to the choas at London -someone correct me if I’m wrong?

  37. Fiona- Hope you get sorted on friday .I have got a white ticket for 31st Oct for 11am so white tickets def. not for passports Can you let me know how you get on on friday I dont know whether to turn up early even tho Ive got a time on my ticket
    I will keep my fingers crossed for you

  38. Marion – thanks – need to all the luck we can get! Be interesting to find out the difference between white and yellow tickets. Will definately let you know how we get on – my partner who went yesterday said the people in the queue with the Q Cards dated for yesterday just quickly queued & got to the door and said this is my ticket and time and were allowed in, so going to turn up about 10ish for our 11.30 – 12pm time slot – hopefully this will be sufficient.

  39. Hi to all, Excellent article & very useful so well done and thanks very much.
    Just one Q
    Does anyone know if there is a separate service for disable person? I am wheelchair user and I am now planning to apply for my visa in person. I didn’t know that India Embassy is not accepting postal service any more until this morning when my postal application was returned to me. I’m shocked to find out how much the visa companies are charging for this service! It’s absolutely extortionate as we haven’t got any choice in the matter have we! Either pay or queue. I will appreciate your reply if anyone knows!
    Many thanks

  40. I’ve just got back from the HC in London, so I’ll do another update.
    I went along yesterday around 10am, and queued briefly before being given a Q ticket for the 31st October. This wasn’t really a good date for me (and I’ve still got the ticket now as there was no-one outside to donate it to when I left this morning), so I decided to head down early this morning. Arrived at 6:05, about 70 people ahead of me in the queue.
    As people have said, the queue was actually not bad, as you chat to your neighbours. Best to chat anyway, as it stops people being able to sneak into the queue! You might want to bring a cushion and flask of tea though!!
    (Note: There ARE 2 queues which tend to overlap. The queue for Indian Nationals was smaller than the visa q, so people joining it at the back appeared to be pushing in…but weren’t. You need to watch though, as it could be used to sneak ahead. People were all pretty good natured tho)
    As you look at the building, the Visa Q window is the window on the left..the one on the right near the steps is the Indian Nationals’ window.
    Once the queue got going it went pretty quick. I was inside by 8:50ish, and at the window presenting my passport by 9:15. Took 2 minutes before getting my receipt.
    You then need to wait until they call out the number on your receipt which means your passport is ready to pick up. I was upstairs (yellow Q tickets) and the window #1 was for passport collection. Downstairs (white Q tickets) has its own window for passport collections. Ask if unsure!!

    They said it would take an hour, but my number was called in 15mins! Job done and out of the building by 9:30.

    When I left the queue had entirely gone for visas, but the Indian Q was pretty big. I did see some visa people in the wrong queue, so look out as you are leaving and let them know if they’re in the wrong queue. I’m sure they’ll appreciate not having to wait for no reason!!

  41. Sorry….just realised I got my right and left the wrong way around!!! To confirm…. as you look at the building the Visa Q window is on the right, just in front of the statue. The Indian Nationals window is on the left, by the steps!

  42. Got there at 6am, there seemed to be about 40 people ahead of me, all done by 9:40. Note don’t go there with 7 or 8 passports (per person) they might turn you away.

  43. Does anyone know if you actually have to go in person. Want to get mine and my boyfriends visas, does he have to come as well?? ?I’m guessing he does but if its poss he doesn’t it makes everything alot cheaper. Anyone know?

  44. Hi Posy – no, as long as the visa form is complete and signed and you have their passport and photo’s than you can go on behalf of the other person – my boyfriends there right now with mine and his! Its his second trip down – I’m nervous!

  45. I turned up yesterday at 9.30 and got a yellow ticket straight away, to come back on Nov 1st.

    I was given a 11.30 to 12 time slot. Does anybody know if turning up at like 11am on the day would be enough or if I should plan a lot more time for queuing beforehand?

  46. Well, after waiting a week to go back with my tickets I have our visas. I had tickets for 10.00am I managed to get in at 9.30am. It was like being crammed into a cattle truck inside. The Q outside was just as long as the previous week. I waited about 40 minutes for my number to come up and handed in the forms. It took another hour and then we were all crammed round window 7 trying to hear for our numbers to be called for collection. It was bedlam. I got the first visa and then had to wait for the second. We sail on a world cruise in January and we have one day in Mumbai. I had to go through all this for one day. I will make sure that I never ever have to go to India again by ship or any other way. It is disgusting in this day and age in England that we are treated like cattle in London. Good luck everbody.

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