Cheers vs boos

Something I’ve noticed from watching clips of the rallies held by Bush and Kerry on BBC News is that there is far more booing in Bush’s rallies then there are in Kerry’s. Obviously I’m going with a very unscientific sample here, but when Bush slates Kerry in a speech, his audience often break out into shouts and boos. However, I cannot recall a single speech of Kerry’s where the audience responded with anything but cheering. Maybe this is a result of the clips the BBC have shown; maybe this is an indication of the different attitudes held by the supporters of the two parties.

One Reply to “Cheers vs boos”

  1. How did I get here? I’m googling “boos Bush rallies” and it seems you’re the only other person on the planet that noticed this phenomenon of crowd behaviour of the two US candidates, and you’re not even in american! It’s ironic how the Bush supporters (christian, right-thinking americans) are so indecent, and yet voted for the guy based on “values”.

    I’m deeply depressed at the result of the election. dave in middle america

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