Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue

I’ve long been a fan of the Red vs Blue series – I subscribed to both season and am the proud owner of the DVDs. When the soundtrack CD Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, performed by Trocadero, came up for sale, I felt obliged to buy it in order to support the series and also to get Blood Gulch Blues, the catchy title track of season 1. I didn’t expect it to be much good – I never recalled hearing any decent music during the series, and I uncharitably thought that a band doing music for free for a webseries surely couldn’t be that great.

Well, Trocadero aren’t that great, but the CD has three great tracks, which is three more than the vast majority of bands. Blood Gulch Blues has a catchy retro electronic keyboard sound and incorporates the trademark Red vs Blue guitar riffs. Funny Farm has much more of a rock sound; the vocals and lyrics don’t measure up to Blood Gulch Blues but the instrumentals are good, up until the end where they become repetitive. Half Life is a classic album finisher with a subdued start and good tune that works up into a noisy rock conclusion.

As for the rest of the 12 tracks, either they’re unmemorable or I just haven’t listened to them enough. As a measure of how much I like the three tracks I’ve mentioned above, they’ve all joined my select list of iTunes Top Rated Songs, which are all suitable for public consumption and playing at parties. Check out the previews – you might like them.

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