The world sighs

Two conversations with intelligent American undergraduates I know:

Them: So how far away is Wales then?
Me: About two or three hours.
Them: Will we get a passport stamp when we go?


Me: Get a what?
Them: A passport stamp. It’s a different country, right?
Me: Well, yes, in a historical sense, but no in any other useful sense.
Them: But I got a stamp when I went to Ireland!
Me: That’s because it’s not in the United Kingdom.
Them: Yes it is.
Me: No it isn’t, that’s Northern Ireland.
Them: Ahhhhhh.
Me: Anyway, no, you won’t get a stamp in Wales, or in Scotland.
Them: They have their own languages though, right?
Me: Yeesssss. I suppose.

And today…

Me: Check out this photo, pretty cool, huh?
Him: So it’s Tony Blair looking in a mirror-
Me: A door.
Him: At his reflection. What’s the door?
Me: Number 10.
Him: Where’s that?


Me: Number 10, Downing Street. You know what that is, right?
Him: Yeah, of course I do. Okay, no, I don’t. But I think I’ve heard of it.
Me: It’s the seat of the government, like the White House! Where the Prime Minister works!
Him: Ooohhhh, that number 10.

It’s not quite so bad as the, ‘So, do they have donuts in England?’ I once heard (in Canada, in fairness) but it’s close. I really shouldn’t criticise though, ignorance can be found in all countries.

One Reply to “The world sighs”

  1. How’s it going Honny. Thought i would add a recent discussion between two American tourists that I heard in Germany:

    Whilst admiring a spectacular view of the Bavarian Alps from Fuessen, one commented,

    “Hey man, check out the Andes”.

    Now that would be quite an impressive view indeed.

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