Lab: The Show

During the England game yesterday we came up with an idea for a new reality show. There are already shows centred around pop stars, hospitals, pirates and all sorts, but what about scientists?

Introducing LAB: The Show. 12 graduate and postdoc students in biology are placed in a lab for ten weeks in order to produce a proper research paper. Every week, one student is voted out of the lab, and then in the last week, the final three students compete to become first author. The show will be livened up with surprise visits by star scientists, and the various challenges the students will face include deciding what to spend their money on (e.g. food, or more Gilson Pipettes?) and designing posters for conference.

Naturally, the students will not be allowed outside of the compound, with includes living quarters, a kitchen and a dining room. Controversially, there will be only two computers with Internet connections, so watch out for heated arguments over who gets to use them, and if they should be used for work or play!

No doubt Fox will be the first in line to purchase this stunning concept from me…

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