Summon the Worms

Usually it’s the other way round, but after listening to the incredible Children of Dune TV movie soundtrack, I feel compelled to buy the DVD (and the CD – I believe in buying stuff I listen to a lot). If you’re wondering why I decided to listen to the soundtrack of a movie I haven’t watched, the reason is because the music from the Master and Commander trailer is not actually from the movie, but from the main theme of Children of Dune (tracks 1 and 18, in case you are interested).

One Reply to “Summon the Worms”

  1. Hey! I wonder how it happened that they decided to use that in the trailer and got the rights to it and all. I didn’t even know there WAS a Children of Dune TV movie. I wonder if it was as good as the BBC Dune miniseries, which was pretty damned good, really.

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