A certain kind of class

One of the unexpected benefits of entering the Apple community is that it introduces you to all sorts of interesting people. I’ve already met several people at college – none of them particularly technologically-oriented or solely male – who have come up to me and said, ‘You’ve got a Mac, right?’. I’m not entirely sure how they know this, sometimes it’s because of my iTunes Share, but other times I really have no idea. In any case the introduction usually leads to a quick comparison of our respective Macs and accessories, and perhaps mutual admiration over iTunes Shares (a guy I met yesterday apparently listens to a lot of my Japanese music). The opening formalities thus concluded, we can then move to more general non-Mac areas in the happy knowledge that the other person is a well-balanced, cool and all-round froody person with whom a conversation is well worthwhile.

One Reply to “A certain kind of class”

  1. As a loyal lifetime Mac addict, I’m pleased to see that you’ve finally been assimilated into the family, Adrian! =) Hope Madrid was a blast!

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