In a break from just writing game reports here, I thought I’d share a discovery I made today. I work at the Department of Physiology here in Oxford, and very recently they just finished construction on a new adjoining building which is all very high tech looking with lots of dark glass and shiny steel. Today, I had to go over there to give a presentation about my project in one of the seminar rooms.

On entering, I saw not one, not two, but three 60″ flat plasma screen TVs on the wall, a mere few metres apart from each other. They were huge, fully wired up with computer monitor inputs and DVD players behind the scenes, and as far as I know, completely unused for 95% of the time. As I plugged in my iBook, my mind went into cataplexy over the possibilities they could be used for… multiple DVD watching, sports, web streaming, video conferencing, 8 player X-Box gaming… it was just far too overwhelming.

(Oh, and the presentation went pretty well)


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