Strike Back

A recent conversation:

Him: I need to get a new mouse for my computer – the right button doesn’t work any more.
Me: Hmm, that sucks. I guess it means that you can’t-
Him: Yeah, I can’t crouch in Counterstrike any more, I can hardly play it now.


Me: I was going to say, ‘write essays as quickly’ but Counterstrike is just as good.

The Lord of the Rings exhibition I went to on Saturday was smaller than I had imagined, but in all fairness that’s not all that much more they could have put there; on display were practically all the principal costumes and suits of armour, various models, props, videos, casts, drawings and paintings. Since it was the penultimate day of the exhibition, it was fairly crowded but not so much that it wasn’t possible to get close up to the cases. Surprisingly enough, very few people actually looked at the One Ring (embedded in a pillar of perspex so people can’t get their hands – or fingers – on it), which gave me plenty of time to dance and cackle evilly around it.

Afterwardes, we wandered around the Science Museum for a couple of hours. I was not all that impressed with some of the areas and there was the usual problems of exhibits having writing too dark to read or hopelessly outdated information. The new Wellcome Wing, which was very high tech and shiny and blue, practically had the opposite problem. While it was very up-to-date, there were far too many computers around and far too little direction or purpose to the exhibits. Its only saving grace was its top floor, where it had group computer games and surveys. I couldn’t help thinking what wonders could be done in the Science Museum if their money was spent a little differently.

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