The Road to Mars is Paved with Money

I haven’t been following the Beagle 2 Mars Mission anywhere near as much as I ‘ought’ to be, but I loved this quote from the lead scientist of the project, Colin Pillinger.

Interviewer: What happens if you find life on Mars?
Prof. Colin Pillinger: I’ll find it a lot easier to get funding for the next mission

Spoken like a true scientist.

One Reply to “The Road to Mars is Paved with Money”

  1. I’ve been having this odd conversation with my dad in short snatches over the last few weeks. He was convinced that Colin Pillinger wasn’t just behind Beagle 2, but also the Bristol Paramedic Ambulance Service. Apparently this odd “fact” had been confirmed by the paramedics who’d brought him home from hospital last time. In the end, I googled, only to find it was a Keith Pillinger who was the ambulance guy.

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