The great thing about not regularly drinking caffeinated beverages is that when you do, you get a real kick out of it. I basically never drink anything that contains any caffeine – no tea, no Coke and definitely no coffee. Every so often though, when I drink just a single cup of tea, I’ll feel noticeably stimulated and full of energy. It even stops me from going to sleep during lectures.

I don’t intend to make a habit of drinking tea though; clearly its power is dependent on its sparing use. In fact, I would say there’s a negative exponential correlation between the frequency of tea drinking and its power; the longer I wait, the more powerful its punch. I can only imagine that the same is true (but moreso) with coffee. Since I’ve never drunk a full cup of coffee in my life, the energies waiting to be unleashed are surely beyond the ken of anyone on this world. No doubt, when it finally becomes necessary for me to harness this awesome power, it will be for some great and desperate task that my country, indeed, Earth itself, requires from me…

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