I spent the weekend visiting friends in Cambridge and fully expected to come home to Oxford to pick up my new laptop, which I ordered a while ago. Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t at my college. When I checked the TNT website to track the package, it said that it didn’t have a correct delivery address for it. At this point I got a little cross and rung TNT up.

TNT claimed that ‘The Queen’s College’ in Oxford is a ‘huge area’ and how were they to know where to deliver it? A huge area? You’ve got to be kidding me, when it’s only has one entrance – on the High Street. You’d be forgiven for thinking that I’d asked them to deliver it to ‘Oxford’ or maybe ‘Earth’. Anyway, I pointed out that it in fact wasn’t such a big area and if they cared to look it up on the map, they would have no problems dropping it off – and if the beleaguered Royal Mail can deliver mail to my college, TNT shouldn’t have any difficulty either.

With all the delays in delivery for the laptop – let’s just say that everything that could possibly slow it down has happened – I am seriously doubting whether I will ever receive it.

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