Well, it took me about a month longer than I expected to finish the first draft on the game article I’m writing. I suppose I could’ve done it a bit quicker but I’ve had to conduct several interviews which took some time; in fact, I’m still waiting for someone to get back to me before I have everything I need.

The whole thing clocked in at over five thousand words, which I realised was way too long to publish anywhere; a friend who had a quick read of it concurred. So now I’m in the painful process of trimming off all of the fat and redundant verbiage – so far I’ve cut about two hundred words, and I’m aiming to remove another three hundred tonight. It might not be fun, but it’s necessary.

3 Replies to “Article”

  1. It’s an article looking at the first Intersite Democracy Game of Civilization 3; involves over three hundred players, and is (I believe) the most complex and subtle implementation of strategy and power politics online.

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