Road Range Warrior

An amusing little saga has been unfolding at the Mercedes Road Range centre about five minutes away from where I live. Sometime last week, a new Mercedes SUV appeared, parked opposite the centre with large posters and writing on it that said, “Don’t buy from them!” and “If they treat you the same way as they treated me, don’t ever think of buying from the West Kirby Road Range!” etc etc.

It stayed there for a few days, accumulating various dents, newspaper clippings affixed to its windscreen wipers and spraypaint over its side that asked, “What did they do?” The Road Range centre made no visible response, and the SUV didn’t look as if it was moving either.

Then yesterday, it disappeared. Interested locals bandied conspiracy theories about the Road Range centre hauling it off or maybe the police intervening. Yet today the SUV reappeared, implacable as ever in its opposition. However, it wasn’t alone – parked just outside the Road Range centre was an ageing yet clean and serviceable Mercedes (at least 20 years old) with a sign proclaiming that Mercedes were great, and so was the Road Range centre, etc etc. (photos may follow)

Who knows what will happen next – will the mystery owner of the SUV, slighted by the Road Range centre, identify himself? Will the Road Range centre escalate the hostilities, perhaps with use of tactical nuclear weapons?

…the fact that this, along with the small forest fire that I was the first to spot last week, are the two most interesting things to have happened in West Kirby recently tells you quite a lot about the town…

5 Replies to “Road Range Warrior”

  1. There was an article in either the Times or the Guardian recently that was about the effects of the current US/UK anti-terror operations on tv shows. As well as stuff about Spooks and a few new shows that are coming along, there were a few comments by a writer or producer or something working on 24, who said that they were considering setting the fourth season either entirely in Britain or having simultaneous threads in Britain and America (it’s apparently too late to have a significant amount of the third season set here). Then there was some horrible talk about casting Robson Green as the British counterpart of Jack Bauer.

  2. … I remember reading the article, it was in the Sunday Times a few weeks back. Then again, some of my other friends are convinced that there are other rumours tying a London connection to season three.

  3. with reference to the ongoing mercedes feud i’m pleased that this person is standing up for what is right. i don’t think he/she would be doing this unless they had a genuine gripe.

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