Brief Hiatus

I’ll be having a brief hiatus from posting here for the next few days, as I’m about a thousand words into an article I’m writing on an interesting new type of multiplayer online game. I’ve been looking forward to writing it for over a month and so far it’s not looking bad, although it’s finished form will probably bear no resemblance to what I’ve written.

Unfortunately, I seem to have caught a cold from while I was in Australia. I suspect that I actually had it for some time while I was there but it lay dormant, suppressed by the copious amounts of good food and sunshine I experienced. Naturally, as soon as I returned to the incessantly gloomy and rainy UK, it surfaced in chattering glee and cursed me with a sore throat and blocked nose. While theoretically neither of these symptoms should prevent me from writing at full speed, they joined forces with my jetlag to ensure that I just didn’t feel like working until today. Although that doesn’t sound much different from usual…

I’ve just about beaten the cold and it should be on its way out tomorrow,and not a minute too soon either, otherwise how would I manage to perform on the karaoke at my birthday party on Saturday? In any case, I managed to stop blowing my nose today long enough for me to sit down and do a bit of writing. To make up for the hiatus, I’ve updated my About page so it’s a little less out of date than usual.

Of course, I make no guarantees about returning here when I get bored from writing…

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