For some reason, the term ‘shuttle diplomacy’ comes to mind when I think about how I’ve been zipping between different cities on the Australian east/southeast coast, despite the fact that I haven’t been doing any diplomacy. It’s probably because it sounds so cool.

It’s all coming to an end now, unfortunately. I’m leaving Newcastle this afternoon for Sydney, which will be my final stop before I fly back home on Sunday. Before I came here, everyone told me that four weeks wasn’t nearly enough time to ‘see everything’ in Australia. That is true, but then it’s nothing to be disappointed about considering the things that I have seen, and the fact that most people in Australia haven’t seen everything there either.

Yesterday I went up to the nearby Watangong mountains for a tandem hang-gliding session. No gliding was done, alas, because the winds weren’t blowing in the right direction – perhaps my prodigous reservoirs of luck have just about dried up. I’m going to give it another try this morning though. I did find it pretty amazing to be told that hang-gliders can regularly fly hundreds of kilometers; it was always my impression that they were fairly short range vehicles.


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