Back again

I returned to England on Monday, and almost immediately went to Emmanuel College May Ball, which was great fun. I’m currently a fair bit sleep deprived, but once I’ve recovered I’m going to start work on writing a report of my trip to the TEDMED3 conference. Some teasers:

– Be SHOCKED as Adrian is almost denied entrance to the conference

– MARVEL at Marvin Minsky giving a really weird presentation and dissing neuroscientists and psychologists

– FIND OUT what David Macauley, Dean Kamen, David Bodanisky and others said to Adrian

– READ the true story of what really happened when President Bush fell over the Segway…

– …and SEE Adrian charging around on a Segway

– GASP at the excesses of conference goers when Fedex offers to ship anything, anywhere, for no charge

– Check out Adrian BAG O’ SWAG from the conference

– Can IBM Life Sciences and Cigna throw good cocktail parties? Read about them… only at


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