In lieu of any weblog updates, and since I had a craving for some serious procrastination, I’ve uploaded two new collections of photos to my photo gallery. The first and larger collection is from May Week last year, and the second collection is from the Chinese New Year Ball in Cambridge at the start of this year. It’s not just photos – there’s also lots of extremely irrelevant commentary as well!

I have this theory about photo galleries on the web, and in fact photo albums in general. Basically: who wants to look at a bunch of someone else’s photos? It’s not as if you know anyone in them. Given that most people aren’t experts at taking good photos – and also that most people don’t care about such things – the most interesting thing about photos is the context they’re in and the stories you can tell with them. Hence my habit of writing long and convoluted captions to each photo that I hope people will find interesting, and maybe even funny.

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