The Futurama Season 2 DVDs that I ordered from Amazon Germany arrived a few days ago and besides from all the packaging being in German, everything else is in English, so it’s all good.

Every episode on the DVDs has a commentary track with several people, usually including Matt Groening and David Cohen, the executive producers, and an assortment of various actors, directors and writers. It’s worth buying the DVDs for the commentaries alone; despite having recorded commentaries for over 800 minutes of episodes so far (season 1+2) they rarely show any signs of lagging and always have a lot of fun. Some choice quotes:

“I have a recollection of the network hating this and refusing to believe it would be any good when the script came in.”
“No, you’re thinking of every episode.”

“Luckily Nixon is a cartoon character in real life, so it translated easily.”
“Yeah, we took him in a different direction, made him a slimy jerk.”

“I didn’t know Bender was titanium… until we needed him to be.”

“There are so many more butlers in cartoons than in real life.”

“Violence is fun-ny!”

“Now why does George Washington say ‘thou’?”
“I guess in olden times people used to say ‘thou'”

“Another thing about cartoons is that when the TV is turned on, important information is revealed within 0.03 seconds”

[Fry gets bashed by a Thought Activiated Magic Tentacle bed]
“God, this is weird.”

And when they run out of things to say:
“I’ve got a cold.”
“Do you want a tissue?”
“Maybe we should do a commentary on the commentary.”

[Fry gets his arm cut off]
“So we were thinking, blood, no blood?”
“Arghh, this is horrible. Arghh, why did we do this?”
“Arghh, why did you buy this DVD?”


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