A while ago I mentioned that I was thinking about setting up a collaborative weblog akin to MetaFilter, called (appropriately enough), GamesFilter. Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on it on and off during the periods in which my brain refuses to accept any more information about neuroscience.

GamesFilter has been running for the past few days while I’ve been fixing some small bugs. It runs on the MetaPhilter engine which was very quick and easy to set up, and already the site is showing some signs of life. There’s definitely something that a collaborative weblog can offer that traditional forums cannot. MetaFilter has already demonstrated that it can (at times) have informed and topical discussions that are open and friendly to the Internet public. Hopefully the additional focus that GamesFilter offers will help it avoid some of the problems that MetaFilter has endured lately.

One Reply to “GamesFilter”

  1. Good luck with it. The focus will help, but at the same time hinder. Metafilter has the advantage of being accessible to a vast variety of people; a focused site like this cuts off a good percentage of those. After over a year, Sportsfilter is finally starting to hit it’s stride. So, basically, it’ll take time to build. The only advice is to keep at it.

    Anyway, thanks for implementing that which I have thought of in the past: “There should be a GamesFilter.”

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