Long-time followers of my weblog (all three of you) will remember that back in 2001, I was a speaker at the 11th Technology Entertainment Design conference in Monterey, California. It was an incredible experience and the old line, “Yeah, I had dinner with Matt Groening,” never fails to impress.

The idea behind the TED conferences is basically to pull together a load of really interesting speakers doing cool stuff, and then keep the audience very exclusive by charging thousands of dollars for registration fees. The TEDMED conferences put a medical spin on event, with an emphasis on health and the life sciences.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that when I received an email inviting me as a guest to the TEDMED3 conference in June, I was pretty damn pleased. The schedule indicates that there’ll be a lot of very interesting presentations from people ranging from CEOs to Nobel Prizewinners and neurosurgeons to professors. The fact that it’s not strictly an academic conference means that there’ll be an good mix of hard science, R&D, design and business talks.

I’ve accepted the invitation and I’ll be in Philadelphia from 10th to 16th June, returning 12 hours before I have to go to a May Ball. I think I’ll be OK with the jetlag issues providing I have a nap in the afternoon, but it’ll certainly be a packed week.

As usual, I’ll be covering the event on my weblog and my digital camera will be in tow. It’s at times like these that I wished I had a laptop, but hopefully I should be getting one when I go to Oxford University next year.

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