Excessive Storage

In response to the new 30GB Apple iPod, Creative have just announced a 60GB mp3 player, the Nomad Zen.

I feel that things have gotten a bit out of hand here. While more storage is always a good thing, I only have 54GB storage on my computer, and although I occasionally have to burn some of my downloaded movies to CD, I’m perfectly happy* with this amount. So I really don’t see the advantage of having an mp3 player that has more than the total storage space of my computer, especially when I have less than 10GB of mp3s in total. I’m willing to bet that the majority of people who own iPods and similar devices have less than 15 or 20GB of music as well, which renders the whole 30/60GB debate a bit pointless.

My 5GB iPod serves me perfectly well, with its paltry store of 900 songs. Considering that there would be absolutely no point in me getting an mp3 player with over 10GB in the near future, I’m unlikely to be swayed by enticements of increased storage space.

I really do think that with this latest advance, storage space is no longer a limiting factor on mp3 players, and it’s no surprise given that it doesn’t take much data to store a high quality copy of a song. Any further advances will have to be made in price, UI and miscellaneous features.

* Okay, so I’m not perfectly happy, of course I would like more storage space for all my movies and Futurama episodes, but it’s hardly a pressing need. In any case, it’s fun seeing how long I can wait, since hard disk prices are continually dropping.

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