Never good enough

The big news today is that Apple has launched its new music service. $.99 for a single track and $10 for an album. However, the folks at MetaFilter are positivery derisory of the entire scheme, even though it has almost no DRM issues (burn to CD effectively as many times as you want). What do they want? Free music, of course.

While I’ll admit that practically all of the music I have was downloaded for free, if I had an Apple, I’d definitely give this new service a try. I still have many songs that haven’t been ripped properly or are at a low bitrate, and I think that $.99 (60p!) is a reasonable enough price to pay for a track, especially when I don’t download that much anyway.

Apple’s new offering is pretty decent, and I think the prices will be reduced soon enough. It’s disappointing to see that many people aren’t willing to give it a chance.

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