2 Replies to “Smoky”

  1. I’ve found that the whole no-smoking section is usually, if not always a complete crock. I was very relieved when California went no-smoking in their restaurants. Take for example the restaurant in the Wyndham hotel next to my office. They have a no smoking section and a smoking section. They abut one another right around the center line of the restaurant. Got a table at the edge of the non-smoking section? You’re really in the smoking section. For those of us who are sensitive to such smells (I am, it clogs me up immediately) it really sucks.

  2. Hmmm. As a non smoker, I support the rights of smokers to have a fag. Sometimes I don’t like the smell, mostly I don’t mind too much. I don’t like the smell of manure either, but I’m not about to ban cows from coming within 100 yards of the nearest passing human.

    Frankly, if there was a demand for totally non-smoking restaurants, then some enterprising restaurateur would be making a fortune. Evidentally, there isn’t, and the state shouldn’t be nannying about the place.

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