They just can’t help it

They just can’t help it – an article about the differences between the male and female brain by my old university psychology supervisor, Prof. Simon Baron-Cohen. Interesting and controversial stuff; I saw a lecture that he gave about this topic a few months ago (not via Metafilter – I read it in the Guardian myself this time).

One Reply to “They just can’t help it”

  1. Just came across this site, I have read the paper many times. I think that Prof Baron-Cohen is on the money. There are people who fit the criteria both men and women. Some women have male brains and some men have more female brains, while the majority I fit their gender of male and female. I perhpas think that its not politically correct to discuss this?? don’t know why, we know it intuitively. In relationships its helpful to discover why one partner may view things a little differently from the more emotionally based person, this information helps to cross the divide.
    Great work!!

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