Stayin’ Alive

I generally see myself as being pretty informed when it comes to current events and recent history (I also consider myself very modest). So it’s always a surprise when the occasional gaping hole in my knowledge is revealed, e.g.:

Adrian has initiated one of his usual ‘how the future will be so different and how exactly do you think it will affect you?’ spiels that his friends hear approximately every month.

Me: I mean, consider this; a hundred years ago, we didn’t have planes, computers, phones, space travel, plastics or any of that stuff. The Queen Mum must be, what, 101 by now – imagine how life has changed for her!

Them: Uh, you know that the Queen Mum died last year?

Me: Really?

Them: Definitely. Where have you been?

Me: Huh. I didn’t know that. I must’ve been in America or something. I’ve always seen the Queen Mum as being constantly on the verge of dying, it must have been too much of a shock for me and I blanked it out.

Them: Right.

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