More on Cog

I just watched the DVD for Honda’s Cog advert, which you can order for free, and it has clearly been made with the same loving craziness and ingenuity that the advert enjoyed. There’s a ‘making of’ feature, about five minutes long, in which they interview the makers and show some outtakes. There’s also an ‘Illustrated Guide to the Parts’ which is written in a tongue-in-cheek way. Finally, there are promotional movies (not adverts!) of the Accord cars, and an excerpt of the Sugarhill Gang soundtrack video.

Definitely a DVD worth getting, not only because it’s free. There’s not a spot of advertising on the DVD (apart from the ad itself, of course), and not a mention of the word Honda anywhere on the packaging. Clever guys, Honda – they know how to get people to like them. (Incidentally, you can also order the DVD over the phone by calling 0845 200 8000)


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