The Sands Of Time

Update on the Civilization 3: Culture Game – we now have seven confirmed players, and will be starting as soon as our last player receives his copy of Civ3 and PTW, eighth player or no eighth player. Here is a revised version of a recruiting email I sent out yesterday:

To those who are wavering: This game is indubitably, in Evan-speak, going to r0x3r your s0x3rs. If you should falter at this final hurdle, there will be little comfort for you as you watch the Great Game, vast in complexity and scope, sweep all other concerns before it and enrapture all those who gaze upon its terrible magnificence.

Empires will rise and fall within the Civ 3: Culture Game. Epic wars will envelop continents, and astounding acts of honour, bravery, treason and cowardice will be committed by all. Vast, world-spanning civilizations and alliances will be painstakingly nurtured and fiercely defended to the death. The winners will be lauded and will justly take their place on the throne of the Civ 3 world, and the losers will skulk in the shadows, biding their time until the next Great Game.

All who took part will be much the richer for it; their names shall be set in stone, and will not be erased by the sands of time. They will stand forever proud as the First Eight of the Civilization 3: Culture Game.

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