Pride and Extreme Prejudice

Pride and Extreme Prejudice – possibly the funniest thing I have read this year. A couple of SF authors have come up with the idea of a Terminator/Pride and Prejudice crossover on rec.arts.sf.written and are current writing it piecemeal, to the delight of the newsgroup regulars. It should, nay, must be published as a full novel! A sample:

“Indeed,” said the man (whom Patience could not help but think of as made of clockwork, though he manifestly was something far stranger), “I speak of these things not merely because of the way that I am made, though indeed a machine should do that which it is made to do, but because I have found that I have developed, through our many conversations, a feeling of that which is proper, both within the bounds of your society and without; and being that I am, here, a gentleman, I find that I am also bound to behave as a gentleman would, and indeed, Lady Patience, I must warn you that this Mr. Connor is a man of less than sterling character.

Another excerpt (thanks Scott!).

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