Worth trying

I spent part of yesterday afternoon engaged in playing games on a friend’s computer; very productive. When I fired up Age of Mythology, the volume on the speakers was off since I’d been having a chat. Just as it was getting into the nice intro sequence, I thought, maybe this would make more sense if I could actually hear what’s going on. Click – I flicked the speaker power button on, and the soothing tones of 80’s music wafted out towards me.

“Hmm,” I thought, “this is very peculiar,” as centaurs and dragons fought against each other on screen, accompanied by the theme tune from Magnum PI. “I wonder why the game developers decided to use this music, which although strange, is somewhat agreeable,” I continued (my interior monologue is occasionally very old-fashioned).

It turned out that Winamp was still active in the background and by some serendipitous event, the (random) song playing at that time was Magnum PI – in perfect sync with the onscreen action. It’s worth trying – it is actually pretty cool. The game was mildly entertaining as well.

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