Mozilla 1.3

With the recent release of Mozilla 1.3, I’ve been seriously considering switching to Mozilla Mail from Outlook Express. The only real reason why I want to do this is because Mozilla has Bayesian spam classification, and given that I am getting increasing amounts of spam these days, it would be very useful. My concerns are that Mozilla Mail isn’t quite polished enough yet and the possibility of problems of importing email in. Has anyone had any experience with Mozilla Mail? Is it worth switching now, or should I wait until 1.4?

In general, I’ve found 1.3 to be a significant improvement over 1.2. Firstly, performance is much better; there’s a noticeable improvement in the speed of loading, navigation and use. That said, I remember that 1.2 was a bit slower than 1.1, so it’s not that amazing. Secondly, the auto image resize option is pretty useful; Internet Explorer has this, but not in a way that you can switch between actual and resized sizes.

Main bugbears: It still loses my cookies, and there are still memory leaks. Aside from that, I have no complaints.

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