24 Episode 3

Some brief thoughts: Today’s episode on BBC3 was an improvement over the last two – in short, far less Kim and far more Jack. Much more dramatic tension, although I am a bit puzzled about why they haven’t included more subplots. This stuff about the groom being a terrorist doesn’t count, it doesn’t seem to be heading anywhere.

My guess on the undercover CTU bad guy (or girl, in this case) of the season goes to the new computer geek (Paula). Perhaps the producers have made it deliberately obvious and are pulling a bait and switch on us, but she’s suspicious. Why? Firstly, she’s new. Secondly, she starts going on about how afraid she is that LA is going to blow up, etc etc, and then we find her transferring files during an evacuation. This action completely contradicts everything else we know about her – she should have gotten the hell out of there. Maybe she was transferring files to yet more Bad Guys? Or perhaps she’s some undercover NSA agent. I don’t know.

Finally, George Mason has about a day left to live. Clearly the only path left for him now is to pull a Doc Holliday and engage on highly dangerous missions, thus saving the day and redeeming himself. And who knows, maybe the diagnosis was wrong and he’ll live. I guess we’ll find out… in the next episode of 24!


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