Jack’s Back

BBC started showing the second season of 24 on Sunday. Here are my thoughts on the first two episodes (I watch the first at a friend’s room, and then we sprinted across to the college TV room to catch the next on BBC 3):

Kim is just as irritating as she always has been, and appears to still suffer from the same lack of basic intelligence that bedevilled her in the first season. To make matters worse, the producers have added a new mini-Kim, who will doubtless get into all sorts of tight corners and will require rescuing, multiple times. It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.

Clearly Kim’s boss is tangled up with the guy who’s about to get married, and once his associates find out he is incapacitated (not dead – come on, this is 24), Kim will be in big trouble. Again.

I was a little disappointed with the first episode. I’d been told that some ‘huge’ would happen in the first 30 minutes or so, and I didn’t see anything like that. Well, okay, a nuclear weapon in LA is pretty huge, but we all knew about that before the series started. I thought perhaps they might choose to blow up the White House or something. It was a bit low on the shock factor, this episode. Not even Jack’s kill lifted me from my dark mood.

The next episode was better, but quite slow, once again. I’m a little surprised by this – if the producers wanted to capitalise on the great publicity they received with the first season, why didn’t they crank up the action to make people stick with the show? On the whole, I would say that season one was better at this stage than the current season, although I hear that things get much better. Time will tell.


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